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The Ketogenic Switch Fat Burning Program

The Ketogenic Switch Fat Burning Program


Restore your health,  balance hormones and repair metabolic damage using wholefoods.
The Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat way-  The Ketogenic diet


Different people will each experience different outcomes eating the same food. 


Your individual phenotype as well as any symptoms of metabolic syndrome, also known as metabolic derangement,  is the cause of this. Therefore, the ideal amount of fats and other variables within an eating program can greatly vary from person to person.

This individuality is the reason why switching your metabolism over from sugar burning Glycolysis to a fat burning Ketosis can vary in time by many weeks.

The basics of going “keto” can seem pretty straight forward, however your body’s response and results will be dependent on individual variances.  Your baseline tests will give a strong indication of this. Specific keto baseline testing is required when you start on a new keto diet.  

A ketogenic professional will monitor your ongoing clinical markers and variances in blood results during your journey.

Included with the consultation 

  • We will explore your current blood tests, and current health status. Kylie will outline important health markers of your results. She helps you to understand how to read your own blood tests, and the importance of any markers.  You will also be asked to get further baseline testing done if you do not have particular and recent results. Kylie can refer you to suitable clinicians for this.
  • A short educational session. We discuss human evolution, our current day food pyramid, and any aspects of the food industry that may be worthwhile avoiding.
  • “The Ketogenic Switch Fat Burning Program” is a 60 page Keto booklet which you receive upon completion of your consultation. The Ketogenic Switch Fat Burning Program includes further information about important metabolic considerations that are mentioned within the consultation. 
  • Your booklet comes with a 4 week, Low Carbohydrate / High Fat, Ketogenic meal plan, inclusive of all meals and easy to follow recipes.  
  • Initial focus is on balancing your blood glucose, raising your blood ketones, and physiological adaptation. For this reason the provided recipes are basic and easy to follow. For the entire 4 weeks recipes are included for breakfast, lunch and dinner options.
  • A complete weekly shopping list for the butcher, green grocer & whole foods market, preparing you with all you need to begin the program with ease.  
  • Facts and studies providing you background knowledge of the Ketogenic diet. Ketosis is a lifestyle of health and longevity, increased mental acuity & cognitive function. It is aimed at increasing physical energy exponentially, balancing your hormones (increasing testosterone in men, reducing estrogen dominance in both sexes) and improving sleeping patterns. Weight loss really is just a neat side effect to Ketosis!

We try to provide our clients not only with an effective meal plan, but with the right information they need to be able to go home and start living a more healthy life.

Eating the right foods and having the right knowledge allow you to make correct, unbiased decisions. These are the decisions that will enable you the best chance at a long and healthy life. Our 62 page Keto Plan includes all this to help remember the “why” and “how” of what you are doing!

When you break it all down we all just want to be as happy & as healthy as we can. A long, exciting, happy and healthy life is the life I am living, and exactly what I like to help others achieve also.