Mung Beans

Another Reason Why Vegetarian Proteins Alone, Are OK

And some interesting protein banter for nutritional inspo into the world of mung beans

Spike Protein

What Spike Proteins Do To Your Body

These injections are causing permanent damage and the worst is yet to come.  The long-term outlook is very grim, as with each successive shot the damage is going to add and add and add, because you are eventually getting more and more damaged capillaries. 

Gluten Free Banana Bread Straight Out Of The Oven

Health Benefits of Green Banana Flour

A reminder on why you need Green Banana Flour in your pantry- why your microbiome thrives on it and how it literally boosts your 5-HTP – Serotonin!

Picture ​ With so Many Fats and Oils on the Market to choose from – Which one is best for You?

The food industry gives us a lot of choice, but how do you know what is good for you and what product is only there to line the pockets of food industry. oil that is recommended to be consumed, even proven heart healthy may not be the same fat or oil once it is heated.

Red radish, rich in Anthocyanins with a truly impressive list of health benefits.

According to the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, there have been strong as​associations found between anticyclonic intake and age-related decline in lung function.

Why Bitter Greens are crucial on a Ketogenic Diet

Bitter greens, herbs and vegetables stimulate bile production in the liver, increasing your ability to digest fats. 

Why you shouldn't consume Seed Oils

When most of us think of nuts and seeds we think of health foods, however as with everything- moderation is key. 

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil is not MCT Oil!  What is MCT Oil?  MCT oil is a powerful adjunct to any ketogenic diet, helping your body to burn fat & create ketones quicker than it would on its own. 

Salmon or Mackerel?

Mackerel or Salmon? Which one? Do you really know which is the most beneficially nutritionally and which is better especially on Keto.  

Cauliflower- in season and a powerful healer

It’s in season, and versatile, ready to mix with whatever herbs you like! 

Keto Safe Foods

Unsure of what foods you should include in a Ketogenic diet? Here is a list to help you.

​​Boost your feel good Neurotransmitter-Serotonin Naturally!

Winter is here- and with it, the likelihood of Seasonal Affective Disorder- (SAD).

​Caffeine and Keto

Bullet proof coffee has become a big hit nowadays, but despite the benefits the truth is that coffee contains caffeine! Why caffeine destroys your health and fitness goals – especially on Keto

​Foie Gras

I don’t often write about Animal Cruelty issues, but the reality is very few people know how Foie Gras is made. The suffering caused to the ducks involved is truly horrific and therefore cannot be healthy for the consumer.

​Bone Broth

There has been much publicity extolling the healthful virtues of bone broth and the recipes vary considerably so care is necessary to obtain the healthiest result.

​You are so much more than your physical vessel

So you have put on some weight right now?  Accept what it is- acknowledge it and start to live the life of the whole being that you are!  You are so much more than that physical vessel. 

Why soak your Nuts and Seeds?

​It is as Aussie as the smell of a BBQ- a nut tray at Christmas.  Nuts in chocolate, nuts in sugar, roasted nuts, raw nuts, mixed nuts – we go nuts!

Ultimate Detox! My hair has never grown so fast or so healthy

I’ve been known for my love of a good detox, and have I done a few.    Liver detoxes- of course, bowel detoxes, lymphatic drainage, coffee enemas, colonic irrigation, juice fasts, blood cleansing, Diatomaceous earth shakes, gallbladder flushing, dry skin brushing, chakra balancing with Tibetan monks- the list really does go on.  

​Top Reasons you want to go Certified Organic. Certified.

Simply having “organic” on a package does not mean that food or the product within that package is organic.   Labelling laws are not the greatest, so unfortunately you need to know what you are looking for.   You must see CERTIFIED ORGANIC on the food you are paying organic prices for.   CERTIFIED ORGANIC farms are not allowed to be within kilometres of other farms that are using chemicals and they have to be free of prohibited substances for 3 yrs to be eligible for the organic seal.

Summer bodies are made in winter

How to prevent over eating at a time when motivation & calorie burning is at an annual winter low?
Putting on weight over the winter months is almost a given, and it’s easy to see how it happens.  There is something nurturing about a warm cosy bed when the elements are pouring down around you outside.  Your usual energetic spring out of bed which comes so easily nine other months of the year seems to be such an effort.

Stocks, Broths & Bouillons- Do you know the difference? Because one reduces your cellulite!

​At home in the kitchen, donned in my crystal trimmed, fuchsia pink apron -yes I’m serious, creating tastebud tantalizing meals and treats to share with friends and family is one of my favourite things in the world to do.

Spices and Herbs- a list for nutritional healing that you may already have in your cupboard

When you eat, it’s good to select foods that will aid in your longevity, protecting you from inflammation & heart disease. Foods that will give you lasting energy and vibrance. Most of us eat for the love of simply eating and the fun that can be had, creating your own meals with the amazing flavours and colors available to us. Unfortunately, these days however, with modern food processing, the foods which are on offer to us can turn us into ticking time bombs. 

Sinus Trouble? Ten natural ways to try and alleviate your sinus congestion before you head to a Doctor.

Steam inhalation– Inhaling steam with a little tea tree oil in it may ease sinus clogging. And you don’t need a fancy steam inhaler. 

Pomegranate is going to win your heart- strengthening its blood vessels, preventing oxidation of cholesterol

Pomegranates are super high in anti oxidants – so high, they are considered a superfood.
Many studies show that the pomegranate is one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health.

Not all Omega 3's are created equal- and you need all of them!

So a Nutritionist has told you that you need more Omega 3’s in your diet. What does that even mean- eat more Salmon? Maybe the word Omega 3 means absolutely nothing to you- not even Salmon! Well here is a quick rundown on 3 types of Omega 3 fats and why you need to get a variety of each of the 3 Omega 3’s into your daily diet. Your brain, your heart, your circulatory system, your auto immune system, gastro intestinal system- I’m not exaggerating, every cell membrane in your body- literally, will love you for it!

Not all estrogens are created equal.

Peri menopause, Menopause, Gynecomastia- “affectionately” known as man boobs, even sterility within animals- all symptoms of various estrogen excess.

A Personal Journey- ​The effects of stress response, and how I ate my way through the Amazon to discover a world full of colour, life, super foods- and purpose!

​When I was 32 I went through what I would say is to date, and I know always will be- my life’s greatest challenge, both on a personal and physical level. My then long term relationship ended- in a very emotional detached & shallow way.  As a consequence, toward the end of that relationship, I was very unwell, not just emotionally, but physically.

A sluggish Lymphatic system can hinder your best weight loss efforts.

Your lymphatic system is a system made up of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen your tonsils and thymus gland.  Your Lymphatic system bathes your body’s cells, carrying cellular toxins away from the tissues to the blood where it can be filtered by two of the body’s main detoxification organs- the liver and kidneys.

Are you digging your grave with your teeth?

Working alongside Dr Cabot often allows me the privilege of exposure to educational seminars that are far beyond the normal exposure of practice as a Nutritionist. I was recently lucky enough to be invited to attend a three-part series of educational evenings relating to Obesity – entitled “Obesity: A multidisciplinary approach to patient management”.

Astaxanthin- The most powerful Anti oxidant known in the natural world.

Working alongside Dr Cabot I am constantly being introduced to the many and sorted array of nutritional supplements this magnificent planet has to offer us.  The docs knowledge and resources are invaluable, and my passion to be able to share all that I learn with as many people as possible is a privilege.

The power of herbs- get rid of the sugar in your meals and add flavour!

Herbs- you could consider herbs as leafy vegetables, full of vitamins and minerals like any other vegetables, however herbs come full of many antioxidants and plant phenols-chemicals, that you won’t get from your regular vegetables.

Bee Pollen - Natures most perfect food

If you are after ways to increase your energy, then you need to be mindful of how you fuel your body on a day to day basis.  Taking responsibility for your health.   No one is 100% with their diet & lifestyle all the time, in fact it’s quite fun to swan dive off the wagon sometimes don’t you think!

Binge Eating Disorders- Four new diagnosed disorders that you may find very familiar

One of the most common forms of disordered eating and perhaps the least understood, is binge eating disorder (BED).  Those experiencing BED will compulsively eat large quantities of food and tend to feel secretive and shameful about their eating.

Boost your mood!

Feeling a little blue?  Let’s not be too hasty to slap a label on it and called you depressed.  Most often it’s just life, the ups and downs of life that are the very reason you are hear experiencing life- to learn how to balance yourself throughout the lows and the highs.

Bromides- found everywhere in the environment & foods we eat can be slowing your thyroid function

If you are like most people, you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about how much bromine you are absorbing from your car upholstery and various other environmental sources.

Chocolate- your favourite vegetable!

Chocolate itself is derived from the seeds of a fleshy pod, which is the fruit of the Cacao tree.  The tree’s botanical name is Theobroma cacao.   Considering chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree, you could argue that it is a fruit, however it is classified as a vegetable.

Cholesterol- amazing for your brain, and cardiac function. Current blood lipid tests do not give you the full picture

Lots of talk about Cholesterol – What do the other fats on your blood test mean?
HDL’s, LDL’s, Triglycerides & Cholesterol – let’s have a look at each of them a little closer and learn why they matter.

Commonly asked questions by the curious aspiring vegetarian!

If you can have just two meat free days a week you will be doing yourself and this glorious globe of our irrefutable benefits.
I have noticed in our clinic a very steady and constant rise in the number of people wanting to reduce the amount of animal protein in their diet.

Do you know how much sugar is in your favourite sauce?

5 or 6 Tablespoons of sauce per stir fry for example, equates to about 100grams of sauce.  Most people add much more than 5 Tablespoons (100grams), using a half up to a full jar depending on the sauce.

Do you know if your blood is flowing well?

Hypercoagulability is the name given to a condition in which a person’s blood becomes thick and sticky.  People with this syndrome have a much higher chance of stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure and surprisingly, hypercoagulability can occur when you are still relatively young, in your forties and fifties.

Don't eat breakfast and shred body fat!

Do you ever find that eating breakfast makes you hungry?  You think you have started your day off right, sitting down to a nutritious breakfast and refuelling after you’ve slept, then 30 minutes later you’re hungry again!  You are not alone.

Emanating positive energy starts with eating wholefoods.

Chocolate- or “Cacahuatl” as it was known to the ancient Aztecs, can be used as medicine for the mood- if not the body, as long as you are eating the right type of chocolate.

Fasting to maintain weight & effortlessly lose weight without even trying!

Exercise and intermittent fasting both increase the production of proteins in the brain called neurotrophic factors.  Neurotrophic factors promote the growth and connection of specialized brain cells called neurons, and strengthening of the synapses.

Fermented Foods and your longevity!

The thought of fermented foods may not conjure visions of tasty goodness, however fermented foods, along with being a natural Probiotic have enormous benefits for you and your immune system and can (I promise) taste really good!

Get the skinny on Flax! Fabulous flaxseed- all fats are not created equal.

One of the best attributes of flaxseed is it is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fats in plant-derived foods.
Most people, if they have listened to industry and advertising would think that fats need to be limited to prevent heart disease and negative effects on cholesterol, however nothing could be farther from the truth.

Flush fat and lose more weight

Your body needs enough water every day to keep hydrated and cleanse itself of unwanted materials. Fat deposits that form in the body can be tough to break down and eliminate, but proper nutrition and exercise help greatly with this.

Foods & supplements to increase lung function.

Everyone knows smokers are at a much higher risk of getting cancer, various forms of lung disease and emphysema, which is usually why most people quit.
As with all things addictive, most often mere death and the end of this mortal experience isn’t enough of a deterrent for us to quit.

Raw Energy- Pasta alternatives for your wraps with raw enzyme loving goodness!

These wraps will bring joy to your mouth!  Suitable for breakfast or any time of the day with fillings that can be made to suit your taste buds! Best thing is- they can be prepared earlier and devoured when ready!

Hair loss- Possible causes and how do i stop it!

Baldness or loss of hair is referred to as alopecia and there are multiple factors that can contribute to it.  Hair loss can be hereditary as you see with the Royal family- first Charles and now Wills.

Heart healthy foods for radiant beauty

Radiance takes a good fill of nutritional medicine from the inside.  Fuel those cells with vitality from the earth and aim for that 100 years of life- In fact I should not cap it at 100.   Add these easy additions to your standard pantry items to ensure you are doing the best you can in the fight against oxidative stress in this 21st Century.

Hemp Seed - There is nothing like it

You are far from a dope if you enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of this nutritionally packed super food!!!
Hemp seeds are an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals.  And just like meat, hemp seeds are a complete protein- that is they contain all the amino acids the body needs.

The Herxheimer reaction- why do I feel so bad when I detox?

In the first few days of a detox – possibly longer, you may start to feel far worse than what you did the day before you started this detox.  “Detox” they said “you will feel Energized; you will feel great” they said. “Detox” they said “you will feel Energized; you will feel great” they said. This is what you may be thinking whilst the jack hammer cracks away at your skull with a headache, on the verge of regurg, and wondering what this new itchy rash is doing over your body.

Improve your digestion, increase your energy & keep off protein pump inhibitors by building your Hydrochloric Acid naturally!

Hydrochloric acid is used by the stomach to break down fibre and plant roughage.  Over a lifetime of eating animal foods, demineralised foods and a few token vegetables- coupled with emotional stress, the body’s natural levels of HCL starts to diminish, your gut loses its ability to produce adequate HCL.

Juicing and Blending- The difference!

The concentrated dose of enzymes vitamins and minerals that come in a fresh juice literally saturates the blood- and very quickly, with a potent dose of nutrients.
Blending provides a lot of fibre to your diet- when you blend you are leaving the vegetable & fruit whole- you are not extracting its juicy contents, rather you are blending it all up and eating all of its insoluble fibrous content along with any of its juices.

Maca a powerful strength and libido enhancing superfood

Maca is the highest altitude growing crop on the planet and contains over 20 different fatty acids.  Coming from the same family as the radish broccoli & cauliflower- the Brassicacae, makes Maca a kind of oily radish vegetable- very unique.

Minerals & Vitamins- Do you know the difference between the two?

Minerals are inorganic compounds- Inorganic means they do not contain carbon.  They originate in the earth- in our soils, and cannot be made by living organism.  Plants take up minerals from the soil they grow in – which is how we obtain most of the minerals in our diet –  from the plants we eat or indirectly from animal sources.

More sex, better memory and anti-ageing - Chocolate, what’s not to love!!

The truth about why we must eat chocolate every day! 
The number of health benefits now associated with the cocoa bean are really quite impressive, including benefits to your heart and blood vessels, brain and nervous system, improved insulin sensitivity, and even slowing down the rate at which you age.

Most teas are no match for Matcha Tea.

Not all tea is created equal- at all.  Black, green, white and Oolong- all derived from the Camellia sinensis plant- even so, all processed differently.

Phytochemicals & Toxins – why a variety of plant nutrients is important

Phytonutrients are pigments of colour in a fruit or vegetable, it is these colourful compounds that are all individual in their ability to extensively heal the body, even appearing to stop cancer at its inception by preventing the formation of carcinogens or blocking enzymes that activate cancer genes.

Share the bed with your pooch and you could end up worms or having cysts removed from your Liver!

I wouldn’t describe myself as a germ phobe- although perhaps you can be the judge of that.  I’d like to think you may join me in my germ “awareness” shall we call it, after a little further reading.

Stress & Inflammation Kills- It doesn't sound too nasty; so why does it kill us?

Stress and Inflammation- as Time Magazine puts it, are the “Silent Killers” – but do you really know just how true that statement is?
If you live a life of simple dietary imbalance for long enough, then by time you are in your 30’s you are on the road to diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease- clogged arteries, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and the hundreds of other diseases that make up the Auto Immune category.

The Microwave effect – How microwaves destroy the nutrition of your food.

Microwaves heat food by causing water molecules in it to resonate at very high frequencies, while this can rapidly heat your food, what most people fail to realize is that it also causes a change in your food’s chemical structure.

What’s so bad about grains? Lectins!

Lectins are proteins commonly found on a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans legumes and seeds.  They serve as a protective barrier for the plant they grow on, a deterrent to stop predators eating them.

What mineral is your body craving?

Lectins are proteins commonly found on a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans legumes and seeds.  They serve as a protective barrier for the plant they grow on, a deterrent to stop predators eating them.

Why are we all being fed by a poison exert? Does Genetically Modified mean anything to you?

Americans are get sicker & fatter, more than any other industrialized country, with Australia not too far behind them.  Chronic illness increased in the mid 90’s, in fact doubled for many reasons- predominantly due to the food people are eating.

Aloe Vera- astonishing benefits you never knew

Aloe Vera is one of the few plants in the world to contain vitamin B12. So there’s a cracker of an opening line- get this plant growing in an area of your sundrenched garden sunroom or balcony now.
Lots of people are familiar with the many benefits of using Aloe Vera topically for alleviating sun burnt skin, however the true therapeutic scale of this wondrous succulent is little known by most.

Oxidation and anti-oxidants explained - Why a Detox is so important

In our current times, there are a growing number of toxins in our food and living environment- toxic not only to our environment, but to our species. 

Sunflower Seeds- One seed you may want to eat with great caution.

Obtaining a diet that is high in nuts and seeds is a favourable option, but not all seeds are created equal, in fact eating a sunflower seed can prove to be life threatening, with the sharp edges of the insoluble fibrous shells capable of causing tears in your oesophagus or elsewhere along your digestive tract.

The various types of vegetarian- what are they?

What do you think when you hear the word Vegetarian?   Does it conjure up the image of a thin and pasty Bondi hipster, or perhaps your generalized view of Vegetarian is more the tanned dreadlocked Byron Bay Variety.   Whatever it is, to be a Vegetarian these days is not what most folk view it to be.

Vitamin K2- The forgotten vitamin assisting to prevent heart disease

When you are trying to get a well balanced diet, the last thing you want to hear is that there’s yet another vitamin you probably haven’t even heard of!  
Vitamin K2 is the forgotten Vitamin, and so crucial to cardio vascular health and bone density.

Winter! Ideas to prevent over eating at a time when burning calories & motivation is at that annual winter low

Putting on weight over the winter months is almost a given, and its easy to see how.  There is something primal & nurturing about a warm cosy bed when the elements are pouring down around you outside. 

Zinc - Are getting enough of this immune boosting fella to skip through winter without missing a beat?

Sometimes we are to busy worrying about calories and macro nutrients such as carbs and fat, we don’t think to place as much importance on the inherent need of micronutrients.


Chlorophyll is even often referred to as ‘the green blood of plants’ – for good reason.   Hence, Magnesium and chlorophyll are essential for maintaining that youthful energy that may keep you feeling like you still want to put your roller-skates on when you are 40 and beyond…way beyond!

Are you an Intuitive Empath?

Tips to keep your own energy as clear and positive as you can.
Can you relate to any of the following?  Are you described as overly sensitive?  Are you a social person that enjoys the company of others, yet needs to go home to recharge?   If you’re in a large crowd or work in an environment where people are constantly “asking” of you, do you need to be alone to truly recharge- instead of heading out for a drink, you’d rather be alone- whether it go home or perhaps do some cardio exercise or meditation, its preferably done alone.  Do you take your own car to events when you could easily car pool so that you can get out quickly- when you want, on your own terms?

Energising breakfast in 10 minutes flat!

After many years of having my breakfast lunches and dinners sight inspected daily by many, “what’s that Kyle’s”   ” whatcha got there Kyles”, and the timeless classic-  “that looks interesting Kyles” -AKA What the hell is that Kyle’s?! I have come to the sound conclusion that I may not eat a diet that most of you would consider the norm. From an approving bug eyed salivation to a not so keen scrunch of the nose!  I’ve heard it all.

Beating the blues with whole foods.

If you are feeling a little low and lacking your regular get up and go- god forbid the loss of your mojo – that does not have to mean your depressed  -you don’t have to head straight to the doctor for conventional medical treatment.   I was once thrown a packet of anti depressants by a doctor after a five minute consultation; I scrunched my nose and thought “what- really, uuum – a drug, surely there are other methods to treat me for feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment???  

Lacking Energy and Motivation?

It can be hard to stay disciplined and on track with your healthy eating and life style in the middle of winter. Grey skies, cold nights and wet mornings are not exactly the stuff that Abs’s of steel and invigorating green leafy lunches are made of for most people.  Not to mention the lack of that depression busting immune stimulating hormone of Vitamin D!  And what about the Ions?  Yes- the Ions! Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.