Acne & Eczema -Client Testimonial

Recently i received a telephone call from a lady, distressed for her Son.   
Since he was 8 years old, her Son had suffered from break outs all over his body that she described as ringworm and eczema.  Occurring during the winter months, only to clear up over the summer leaving white marks all over his skin.

Over the years, Gail had taken her Son to countless skin specialists, iridologists and doctors, trying countless creams and antibiotics, only to have her Sons skin irritations reoccur every winter.  In fact as he was getting older, Acne was also starting to manifest – and increasingly so – to the point that her son was becoming recluse and self conscious.  He was also beginning to find he was not sleeping through the night, constantly waking at around 1am.

Upon consultation, it seemed that physically, he was a healthy young man – exercising 4-6 times a week, and working a job that also keeps him physically active.  Due to his acne, Phil tried to steer clear of junk foods, yet continued to gain weight around his abdominal area. Phils intake of grains may not have seemed particularly excessive to most, however his diet was totally based around grains- he started his day on Wheat, had wheat with his lunch, had snacks throughout the day that were wheat based and also ate snacks after dinner that consisted of wheat.  Being a young man in his 20’s – whom had indicated he does enjoy an alcoholic beverage, i concluded that perhaps he was also drinking a fair amount of Carbs.  Some people refer to Beer as liquid gold, however in the eyes of a Nutritionist- Beer and Wine are really just liquid bread!  Phil also noted that he suffered continued fungal infections.

The years of antibiotics Phil had taken concerned me as did that lack of time Phil spent in the sun, he didn’t get to the ocean or eat any Omega 3 oils. Phil made note that he was tired a lot of the time -considering he is a young man in his twenties- I found his fatigue to be worth investigating further, focussing on a lack of digestive function.
I did what i would do for most clients and began work on Phil’s liver function and gastro intestinal health.  Phil was able to provide me with particular blood test upon request.
Phil’s test results showed he was lacking in particular vitamins and minerals that are required to support his immune system, his blood ferritin and Iron Saturation were also extremely low.  The rest of Phil’s FBC Haematology, liver and kidney enzymes came back within normal limits, as did his cholesterol.

Phil emailed me soon after beginning my recommendations with the following: 
July 10
Started the gluten free diet last week and feeling good already.
On August 30th Phil got his genotype test results, back- testing him for gluten intolerance.   His doctor told him his results came back as negative.   Regardless of this negative test result- phil has already stated that he feels improvements in his well being, which includes an improvement in energy levels.
Sept 1
Just to touch base here, all is going well.  Feeling soo much better after just finishing my first round of all the products.  My sores and skin has cleared up dramatically, big improvement.
Sept 2- from Phil’s Mum
Feeling much happier about himself, seeing improvements each day really helps.  Sleeping a lot better too, not waking up soo much during the night, also has a lot more energy during the day now also.

I gave Phil a strict and specific eating protocol, along with no gluten and dairy.   A combination of 5 supplements which cleared his acne, improved his liver function, subsequently elevated his energy and got him on his way back to an energetic, healthy and no longer self conscious young man.

The HCG diet has changed my life! After having my children I found it incredibly hard to lose those ‘last five kilos’. Years passed and I found that I had only gained more weight despite being careful with my portions. I tried everything – Lite n Easy, Tony Ferguson, Jenny Craig, but to my frustration I only managed to shed 3-4kgs.

Losing motivation made me turn to comfort food and all of the weight crept back on. I was desperate for someone to tell me that I had a medical reason for my weight gain. After discovering that I had insulin resistance I limited my carbohydrate intake and saw some results.

I still had a long way to go and that’s when I turned to Kylie McCarthy for help after hearing about the HCG diet. It all seemed so complicated and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stick to the strict protocol. I began the HCG diet in late 2015 with a lot of hope and a great deal of trepidation. Kylie’s reassurance and guidance at the start was so paramount to my own determination to succeed at this diet. It was, after all, my last resort. I told myself that if I couldn’t stick to this diet that I may just have to accept that I would always be that ‘chubby little thing’, as one of my colleagues has affectionately said about me. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two ‘gorge’ days. I really made the most of my ability to eat as much as I wanted.  I awoke day 3 of the diet a bit anxious. This is when the serious dieting would start.

​I was quite surprised at how easy it was to follow the protocol. I didn’t feel hungry at all and as each day passed I was amazed at the numbers I saw on the scales. As each day passed I lost more weight and people started to comment on my appearance. By week 3 I needed to go shopping for size 8 pants and was completely shocked that they zipped up with ease (I even needed a belt to keep them up!). When I came to day 21 I decided to continue for another week, which speaks volumes about how easy I found the diet. I felt so motivated and was full of energy. I had never slept better and found that I no longer felt bloated and uncomfortable.

 Kylie, you have changed my life! I can never thank you enough for giving me the confidence to wear whatever I like and feel fabulous! It is now almost a year later and I still feel great.

                                                                                                                                                                                              – Abeer, NSW

Ketosis –  I will not only never eat the same way, I will not be thinking the same way either.
It seems as though since I turned 25 my weight has just crept up and up.  It didn’t matter how much I cut my calories, it didn’t matter what eating plan I followed- I’ve done it all, including Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers, I know I have financially contributed well to the billion dollar per year industry that is “weight loss”

I was doing all the right things- so I thought: 
Breakfast- Special K with low fat milk, or just a piece of toast sometimes with cheese and tomato.
Snacks- I didn’t really snack- I was so self-conscious and hell bent on being slim it didn’t bother me not to eat.  If I had morning tea, id have a muesli bar- always whole grains, not even the yoghurt topped ones
Lunch was always- like clockwork, chicken and salad on a whole grain roll- no butter!
Dinner- Im not a big meat eater, so a small pasta, with a tomato based sauce- never carbonara or anything creamy because of the high fat content.

​But it didn’t matter what I did, my weight was still going up.  By the time I reached 30 I didn’t see my negative body image getting any better, in fact I felt more and more out of control.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me about Kylie McCarthy- a Nutritionist that specializes in Ketosis.  I had never heard of it, Key-toe-sis, but my girlfriend lost all her weight – I saw it happening, and she says without ever being hungry.  
I emailed Kylie who replied with a lot of information about Ketosis and reassurance via email even before id made a consultation.  I booked a consultation and have never looked back.   

Kylies Ketosis protocol and her education in how our body works is the opposite of everything I had been told.  My whole life I have been to see doctors, watched the television- even weight loss centres I have joined, all said the same thing- I “must” eat carbohydrates with every meal, I must eat grains.  But I wasn’t getting results-  in fact all that was happening was an increase in all the wrong things- tests showed blood sugar levels were going up, my insulin was going up, and then my cholesterol started to go up, not to mention what I thought was worst of all- my weight just kept creeping up. 

I became really worried once I saw my cholesterols changing, at this point I was still in my 30’s.  My doctor suggested I “just eat less and do more exercise” and if that doesn’t work he may have to put me on a diabetic drug. After my consultation with Kylie, I was just excited, no better way to put it. I had seen the results of her program in my friend and after the hour and a half initial consultation, I was so motivated, I could have talked for hours. 

It is now 6 months later, and I am living a lifestyle of Ketosis most of the time.  My blood sugars and insulin levels went down in the first week and were completely normal by the second week!  I honestly couldn’t believe the change in my blood tests after so little time, not to mention the change in my energy and my will power, I was not at all hungry.    I lost the weight I wanted to lose in just over a month and have never had so much energy in my life. I am now in Ketosis on most days and feel amazing.

Thank you so much Kylie – you changed my life, the way I think about food, and even the way I think about myself.  Your talk on limiting beliefs and old patterns has changed my life.  

​I will not only never eat the same way, I will not be thinking the same way either.

                                                                                                                                – Kate, NSW

I have been on the Keto diet for 2 months. My weight is dropping, I feel better than I have in years. Menopause symptoms gone, insulin resistance gone, bloating feeling gone!  This is no longer a ‘diet’, and its true- I have so much more energy

Being in Ketosis is a new way of life. The weekly eating plans provided by my Nutritionist are easy to follow, planned (which is what I need for my busy lifestyle), and great tasting.

I know I will be diabetic or worse if I don’t remain on this amazing new way of eating.

I’m feeling amazing and in great health. Thank you, Keto diet, and a Big thank you Kylie!

                                                                                                                              – Lee Vitaz, NSW

My name is Ann and I am 55.  I have been overweight my whole adult life.  I am 5ft 3in tall and my starting weight was 101.6kgs.

I’ve tried ALL the different diets out there some with success but most without leaving me feeling like a failure.  Over the course of my last attempt to lose weight I began gaining weight and couldn’t control it.  I had resting metabolic testing done and saw two different Endocrinologists and no one could help me.   I was even told by one Endocrinologist and I quote “some of us are meant to be thin and the rest of us aren’t” and I’m sorry but you aren’t one of the thin people in the world.  I even went to an information seminar about bariatric surgery.  I also applied to an obesity clinic where I was denied because I wasn’t obese enough.  On my Chiropractors suggestion, I made an appointment with Kylie at the Cabot Clinic.   I had decided that if Kylie – who was personally trained by Dr Sandra Cabot herself- the weight loss guru, tells me there was nothing I could do to get my weight under control, then I would embrace my curves (flab) and get on with life without the guilt of eating and gaining weight.

When my appointment came around I was a little anxious.  I had come bearing blood test results and a body scan that I had done for something else.  Kylie was warm and welcoming.  It turns out I had fatty liver disease that was also affecting my kidneys.  I now had a reason, I felt a load lift from my shoulders.  She told me that she could help me and that all I would need at the end of my journey would be a good Plastic Surgeon to remove excess skin if I felt I needed.  Not once did Kylie look down her nose at me or judge me and when I told her I didn’t eat this and that – foods synonymous with weight gain, and hadn’t for years she didn’t get that “oh yeah” look on her face.  She believed me and understood my constant battle with my weight.  I left the appointment with not only a reason for my size but with a plan on how to fix it.

I started on the quick loss program the 8th July 2013 and started losing weight straight away.  Two weeks in and I had lost 5.3kgs.  My next appointment Kylie suggested that I try the HCG diet.  The first two days are splurge days and I actually gained 2.4kgs over those two days but Kylie assured me to trust the process and to trust her.  I did and the weight started to fall off.  The HCG diet is VERY restrictive but I had decided to do anything and everything I was asked to because in my mind this was my last-ditch effort to conquer my weight issues.  I had days when I called Kylie in tears and she never once made me feel foolish or stupid but talked me through my panic and always had the time to talk to me.  If she did not answer her phone, I would get a call back that day.

I tracked my food and never deviated from the protocol. I have now lost over 38kgs in 9 months and am now under my goal weight of 64kgs.  For the first time in my adult life I am into a healthy weight range and also my BMI is into the healthy range. I have also lost more than 130cms all over and I have recently had a consultation with a Plastic surgeon to have it removed.

If you are reading this you are looking for something that works or you are following the diet and need some inspiration not to throw it all away for a piece of chocolate, I know I’ve been there I’ve read the testimonials.  Please believe me the hard days ARE worth it.  Saying no to the chocolate or biscuit or whatever it is, IS more empowering than eating it and then feeling guilty.  Love yourself enough to trust this process and believe that you CAN get to where you want to be.

Listening to my Chiropractor, Mary Anne who had already made a massive positive difference to my life and making that first appointment and then following up with Kylie regularly has change my life in ways that I could never imagine.  Not only am I the lightest I can ever remember being as an adult but my health has also made a dramatic improvement and I no longer take blood pressure pills something that I had taken for over 20 years and let’s face it shopping for clothes in the regular section not the Fat Sheila’s (that is my pet name for the larger sized section) section is now so much fun.

To Kylie thank you for always being on the end of the phone or email to encourage me & inspire me, and for believing that I could achieve the results that I have.  Thank you also for the many early Saturday morning appointments.  I don’t think you realize how big what you have done for me really is.  And THANKYOU for saying- “I can help you” when no one else in my 55yrs of life did.

To my Chiropractor Mary Anne who started me on this journey, again you have made an enormous positive impact on my life, you are a big part of my success, Thank you.

To my husband (who came to every visit with me and who has lost 15kg in the process) , my children and my friends who have been a never failing source of support through this journey, Thank you.  Without your love and patience, I would not have been as successful as I have been.

Ann, NSW

My Journey started 8th July 2013 and today is 18th April 2014.

My starting weight 101.6kgs.
My weight today 62.8kgs.

The first photo below is taken the 4th July 2013 and the second photo taken today 18th April 2014

HCG was the key that changed my outlook not only on my life choices but my ENTIRE lifestyle. 
I had always struggled with my weight and gained about 30kg from 2010-2014. I, like many others, had tried everything. I would exercise myself ragged; watch everything that went into my mouth but never saw great change. This began a very vicious cycle that would see me instantly give up when results weren’t gained. 

My parents had always supported me and tried to help however they could when I was trying something new to shift the weight. When Mum passed on information about HCG and the potential that it held I was extremely excited, and this is where the change started. 

The first few days were definitely a challenge, having to load my body with foods that I would normally avoid. I must have done a good job on the splurge days because from days 3-7, I didn’t have any detoxing symptoms. I was dreading those days because I knew they would be hard. I found that my biggest helper was keeping myself busy. I am a school teacher and started the course during the school holidays. I was in a routine by the time term began and having a kindergarten class was a great benefit as they most definitely keep you busy.   Another vital component to my success was making a lot of variety out of the limited variety of vegetables. Chicken was the protein I favoured the most and I tried to be as creative as possible when it came to lunch and dinner ideas. A huge realization came, after my first protein day, which showed me how trained I had become to eating. I was blown away on my first protein day at how I made it through and didn’t need to eat. 

Other changes, aside from the obvious pounds and inches, was the reduction in sweating that I had. It dawned on me in about my 5th week that I wasn’t getting hot flushes like I used to and sweating for no reason. I can definitely say that I was glad to see the back of those symptoms. 

Overall, I lost 17.7kgs, as well as a staggering 67.5cm in total from my neck, arms, thighs, chest, waist and hips. 

I am now in the stabilization phase and have returned to the gym. I am feeling fantastic and still can’t quite believe that I am where I am. I am so truly grateful for the new lease on life that HCG has given. 

To Kylie, thank you, thank you a thousand times over. You provided the door way and the key to my new life and I will be eternally grateful. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Charlotte Husskison

Hi Kylie,

I just wanted to express our sincere thanks for the way you managed Charlotte through the HCG plan.  Now in stabilization she is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

As a parent seeing ones offspring become “someone else’ in both mind and body was very hard to accept and even harder to do something about.  One cannot afford to offend or cause the child stress.  At the same time one cannot stand by and ‘hope’ that it will change.  One must be proactive without being intrusive.  

On finding the HCG information – I forwarded it to Charlotte and you can attest to the rest.

She is very much back to her former self again, in her words she feel fabulous.  Still with some weeks of work to do – she is so driven by the success and determined in a way we have not seen her in more than 5 years.

Kylie- Thank you for your care, direction, conviction, inspiration, diligence, patience with her thousands of questions and most of all for being such a great mentor and a wonderful  person.

We are humbled by the results. With big hugs to you and a million thanks.

                                                                                        Maur and John Huskisson, Moss Vale

If  I hadn’t seen my husband lose the weight that he did, then I would never have believed someone could lose so much weight so quickly and not put it back on!  Max lost 3kilos per week for 4 weeks and actually had to end the course early as he had already lost his goal weight of 10kilos – in fact he had lost 12!  

Once Max had stopped taking the HCG and was onto the 3 week stabilisation phase, I was waiting to see if he would put the weight back on- almost sure that he would, let’s face it – almost hoping he would as I was starting to feel the pressure of my newly svelte hubby on many levels.  He is back at the gym during the week and says he has the energy levels he had when we were in our 20’s!   

The difference for Max was the guidance throughout the diet at his follow up consultations and further still- after care and accessibility of our practitioner Kylie.   It is all well and good to complete a diet, but what about when you go back to old eating habits?   Well that didn’t happen – throughout Max’s follow up appointments, Kylie always gave advice on healthy eating and the food industry.  Kylie give Nutritional tips and interesting facts about the function of certain food groups on the body and all its systems – most surprisingly to us – the impact food has on particular hormones!   Max and I thought we were relatively healthy, but once you are informed a little bit about the food industry and the consequences of process foods- you soon realize that these days – there is a lot more to the food you eat!  

I couldn’t believe it was all so easy – you don’t need to spend your life wondering why you are putting on weight or worrying about your food when you know what and when to eat!   Seeing Max’s success I decided to go along to his final follow up consultation and organize to do the HCG diet myself.  I stuck to it for the maximum 6 week period and lost 14kilos!!  My sugar cravings have gone, my energy levels are through the roof, and even though the total amount of calories I ate was a mere 500 calories per day, I just did not feel hungry- ok, I was bored with the lack of choice and lets face it, I think it was one of the most anti social 6 weeks of my life –  but I just was not hungry.    

Have I put the weight back on ?  No!  And when I have had a little splurge, I know how to quickly lose any extra couple of kilos I may have put on thanks to the knowledge I now have from Kylie on what to eat and when to eat it.  It was the ongoing guidance, nutritional education and enthusiasm we received from the staff at the Cabot Cinic that enabled Max and I to keep our weight off – It’s been four months now since we finished our HCG Diet –  I can’t wait for Spring! 

The 5 P’s. 
Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  AND be POSITIVE!!!

Being fat sux.  I am the queen of excuses as to why I cannot diet and/or lose weight.  I have tried most diets and they never work – often because of self sabotage on my part. I flew down from Central Queensland to Sydney to see Kylie McCarthy as i had heard about the results Kylie gets with her clients.   I decided before I booked the flight that the HCG diet was going to work and work for me.  

Instead of making excuses I put into practice the 5 P’s.  Prior to starting the diet, I got organised.  A few things that helped me out were;

•    Digital scales to weigh protein. I bought chicken breast, steak, fish etc once a week, weighed and bagged up the protein in appropriate lots and put in the freezer.  In the morning I would take out what I needed for that day.  I would also cook and freeze chicken breast in 100 gram bags to have for lunch each day when I was at work.
•    Digital scales to weigh myself.
•    Tape measure.
•    George Foreman grill.
•    When I went out for ‘drinks’ I would be the designated driver and stick to water.
•    Have non-food related events planned. I would get my nails painted.
•    Buy new skin care products that are oil free, eg, Neutrogena. 
•    Plan events – I went away for a weekend and took the George Forman grill and salad and veg.  
•    Being in a shopping centre and being caught short – I would go to the Supermarket and buy a punnet of strawberries or an apple.
•    Read books.
•    Organise the pantry and fridge.
•    Tell only people that will be supportive.
•    Get mentally prepared.  It’s ONLY 6 weeks.
•    Set up appointments with Kylie. Talking to her helps, her mannerism and knowledge is incredibly motivating- the follow ups consults with Kylie really got me there.  Any questions I had I would write down during the week, ready for our follow up consult at the end of the week . 

When I was prepared I had given myself the best chance to succeed.  There were some days that were tougher than others.    

I stuck to the 6 weeks. Although I didn’t lose as much weight as I had hoped, I still feel 100% better than I did before HCG, and, am going to do it again.  I sleep better, I don’t snore, I don’t have heartburn, I’ve dropped a dress size, I  feel stronger within myself and am more confident.

Hi Kylie,

How are you, I am doing well.

I  received my latest blood test results back today and am extremely impressed (so was my doctor).  Before the HCG diet I was on a downward spiral with my health and nutrition.  My cholesterol was out of balance with HDL being 1.4 and my LDL being 3.4  also my triglycerides 2.4 which was all elevated for my 36 yrs.    My weight was just shy of 119 kg’s although I am 188cm’s tall I was obese . After the HCG diet I was approximately 96.7 kg’s with a massive 22.3kg’s weight loss in just 35 days. My cholesterol is now on the way back to normal already showing great improvement with my LDL cholesterol lowering from 3.4 to 1.8 and now my triglycerides are 0.7.  

​All my bloods have improved dramatically in such a positive way. I now have so much energy and have gained a wealth of knowledge about health and especially nutrition from my consults with you.   I have also got so many dreams and ambitions which through your motivation and support I now know I will  achieve  where as previously I couldn’t have. Thank you Kylie McCarthy you have helped change my life for the good.

                                                                                                                                                                                           – Sam Burke, NSW

The HCG diet has been an absolute miracle for me after 5 years of so many diets & exercise regimes with no success as my body just couldn’t let go of the fat.  My thyroid was found to be very low and the medication didn’t help weight loss. I was desperate and came across the Cabot Clinic and reading about the HCG sounded to good to be true so i embarked on the 3 week program with Nutritionist Kylie McCarthy, who supported me throughout.
The first week was tough as detox symptoms presented:  headaches , light-headedness and body aches-but still the HCG mentally gave me the clarity to get through it without giving in. 
I lost 5kg’s in the first week and i was never hungry or tired.  The next couple of weeks were enjoyable i was feeling great with nearly daily weight losses. I also gained a huge amount of self control and discipline when it came to food, i was still cooking 4 + times a day for my son and also wanting to create and cook more than i ever have for my family without feeling tempted.

An amazement to me is not having a headache for 5 weeks while being on such a restricted diet.  🙂
After the 3 weeks i continued to do the 40 days for maximum loss and benefits.  The last 3 weeks were harder as i struggled with the boredom of eating the same thing , i had quite a few stalls that lasted up to 4 days but it worked itself out.  I am now at my goal weight and overall lost 12kg’s. 

I am so happy and i have not felt healthier 🙂

                                                                                                                                            – Melody, NSW

In May of 2014 I finally admitted I needed to see a doctor as I never wanted to get out of bed or get off the lounge, a diagnosis of Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Sleep Apnoea, Obesity plus a list as long as your arm of other not so great blood results was presented to me.  For the record, I was a touch over 135kg.  

Anyone who knew me, knew I wouldn’t do needles, and exercise was a swear word.  However I had no plans on “being a statistic” and taking medication for the rest of my life by way of supporting the drug companies, I asked the doctor if I could turn everything around by changing my diet and starting to exercise.  Yes, there you have it, I had said the impossible, me asking about diet and lifestyle!  Actually the doctor said it wasn’t possible as I had too much weight to lose, that it would mean completely changing my lifestyle- probably gastric banding or surgery.  Even my wife didn’t believe it was possible that I could change.  

So in the next few weeks, through a series of conversations, my wife made contact with the Dr Cabot Centre in Camden and insisted that we go down in person to make an appointment.  We knew prior to arriving that  there was a 2-3 month wait to see Dr Cabot, so we agreed I would see a Nutritionist in the meantime to get me on the right path.  The morning we visited the centre to make the appointment, we bumped into Kylie McCarthy in Reception and a conversation started up.  An appointment was made for the following Saturday and I was given one simple instruction from Kylie to follow for the coming week.  “STAY OFF ALL GRAINS MR!”.  Really?  What was a man of 135kg supposed to eat if not for any grains?  I could eat a loaf of bread in one session.  However my wife who knew a little about Paleo, thought we could manage to get through the next week without too much drama and that I wouldn’t starve.

I admit I was a little sceptical about what Kylie could do for me, given my doctor wanted me to see a local Dietician and here we were booking to see a Nutritionist .  At this point, we didn’t even know the difference between the two. What I did not foresee was how Kylie was going to, in a short amount of time, turn me, this unfit, overweight, stuck in my ways truck driver, who ate most of my meals from take away shops, chased down by bottles of coke and V’s, into a green juice fanatic, who now has everyone in my family owning juicing machines and who also to this date hasn’t touched a grain since that chance meeting with Kylie back in May!

To start, Kylie went over my blood tests more thoroughly than any doctor had prior.  She explained what was what, why this did that, why that did this.  Was all laid out in a manner and way that I could understand and relate.  We discussed what foods I needed to turn my blood results and weight around, what foods to avoid, which supplements I needed.  Why I needed to drink more water and not sugary drinks!!

So we were off .. I say “we” as my wife was taking this journey with me … well she had to cook and make all the food!!!

First came the daily green juices, dropping all grains, lowering the carb veges, increasing fresh/canned fish and grass fed beef and dare I say it, starting to exercise!  With Kylie’s passion, knowledge (and humour), she had me so hooked on this, I even joined a gym!  I was also prescribed a list of supplements such as Livertone Plus, Glycemic Balance, Magnesium.  As each day progressed, I was feeling the difference, feeling the energy come back.  To my shock, I was even told I was becoming a nicer person to be around!……And the best part … the weight was coming off!  This was working!

Then we went onto the HCG Diet.  What I would have to call the most socially boring diet of all time.  My wife and I just looked at each other and thought how on earth does someone survive in 500 cal a day? But we were going for this and at that point Kylie had not explained the mechanism of HCG on the body, its an amazing protocol!  It was at this point, due to another situation, that I decided to take time out from work and just concentrate on my health and see this through. And it was a success!  In three weeks, with Kylie’s continual monitoring and unwavering support, I lost a further 12kg- in 3 weeks! 

My family have been so impressed with the changes to my appearance and overall health that other family members are also now consulting with Kylie.  One of whom is my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis.  The changes we have witnessed with my wife are just amazing. At first my brother was sceptical at what I was doing, he wrongly believed that supplements didn’t kick in for twenty years, so what was the point.  That was until the day he saw me bounce in through a door, with more energy than what  he  had 20 years ago!! Needless to say he is now seeing Kylie too!

To date I have lost over 25kg, built my muscle back up, brought my blood results back in line where they should be and regained my health .. more importantly .. regained my life!! Perhaps if people consulted with Nutritionists periodically, to learn a little about food as medicine and learnt some boundaries with foods as a whole .. there would be less need for seeing a doctor.  Just sayin ….”

I highly recommend to anyone who has any sort of issue relating to their weight, their energy or just general health to see Kylie. 

I am 62 years old, I had 2 children in my 20’s and easily lost the baby weight, so i never had a weight problem.  I had another child at 37 and even though I only put on 12kg, i came out of hospital the same weight that i went in. Since then I have tried every diet around and would lose about 2-3kg in 6 weeks, then i would lose motivation and give up.  This type of yo yo dieting went on for years and slowly the weight kept creeping up.  I even went to the gym, hired a personal trainer and kept a food diary for her to check and worked my butt off, only to lose 4 kgs in 4 months.

I heard that the Sandra Cabot weight loss clinic in Camden was introducing the HCG diet to their patients, so i couldn’t wait to start.  I did some research on it and it made sense.  I thought what have I got to lose except some weight and knew that Sandra Cabot would not put her name to anything unless it worked and it was totally safe.

I was a bit hesitant, thinking i wouldn’t be able to maintain the diet eating only 500 calories a day because i was hypoglycaemic and hated the symptoms i would get if i had low sugar- and to not eat breakfast actually freaked me out.  I found my Nutritionist Kylie McCarthy was very comforting and re assuring – and to my amazement i did not get a sugar low at any time.  In the first week, the drops made me nauseous  and I was advised to eat a portion of my fruit for breakfast which helped.  I have a husband and I mind 5 grandchildren before and after school, so I am constantly feeding them, but surprisingly, i was not tempted- even a little bit, to eat their meals.   I planned my meals for the day and did not find it hard at all to stay focussed and motivated, i wasn’t even tempted during the Christmas and New year holidays!  The HCG drops were amazing.  I would not have believed how much will power it gave me.  I can’t really say I was even hungry, and was very surprised I wasn’t struggling and starving like on other diets.

The best motivation of all to keep going and not to give up was the daily weight loss.  Every morning I looked forward to getting up and weighting and measuring myself.  Of course there were days when id be disappointed as I did not lose any weight, then in the next day or two the weight loss would even itself out.

I should say, this diet has been worked out precisely and you must follow it to the letter, if you want to lose the weight and keep it off.  I have done 2 rounds. The first round I did for 3 weeks and lost  a staggering unbelievable 9kgs.  I was so excited and didn’t follow the maintenance diet which is equally – if not more important than the HCG diet itself.  The second time I was determined to do it right as everything I was told about the HCG diet worked so I figured the maintenance plan would work too.

Even now, two months after finishing the diet, and eating normally, i have maintained my lost weight within 1-1.5 kilos and am very pleased.  My hypoglycaemia has gone, I am not insulin resistance anymore and my cholesterol has gone down.  I know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, I can still have a my dessert on special occasions and I don’t feel deprived at all.  In fact I feel strong and in control.  I feel and look younger, I’m more energetic and so much more confident.

The HCG diet really surprised me.  It really works and is not as hard as it seems.. You definitely don’t feel hungry, I was continually inspired and motivated by the weight loss and the centimetres melting away.  I was actually not very confident that the HCG diet would work, but it proved me wrong.  Those HCG drops are the miracle.  You do have to follow the diet precisely, but without the HCG drops you would fail.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Kathleen Giles

“I would like to offer the following testimonial regarding the excellent nutritional and weight loss advice you can genuinely expect from Kylie McCarthy, (nutritionist at Sandra Cabot’s Weight Loss Clinic in Camden)
Having reached the age of 52, my weight had gradually increased so much that I could hardly walk a few metres without feeling breathless and exhausted.  I had also received the bad news from my own doctor that I had a severe case of fatty liver and dangerously high cholesterol levels.  In addition, I suffered chronic back pain due to my excess weight.  
Then a friend of mine suggested that I pay a visit to Sandra Cabot’s Weight Loss Clinic in Camden.  I am so glad I did!  Under the guidance of Kylie McCarthy, (who is a fully qualified nutritionist at the Clinic), I have lost 9 kg in approximately one month.  I can honestly say that I have never felt healthier and more energetic in all my life.  Due to my weight loss, my back pain has improved and I no longer feel exhausted every day.  I have even noticed that my acne-prone skin has improved after just one month on Kylie’s treatment programme.  After a follow-up ultrasound of my liver this week, I was surprised to discover that my fatty liver condition had improved after just one month of following Kylie’s dietary advice!  
I would thoroughly recommend Kylie McCarthy’s nutritional advice and weight loss programme to anyone who is seeking better health as well as a safe and healthy way to lose weight.  I can honestly say that I have never felt happier, calmer and more contented in all my life. “

                                                                                                                                                                                               – Karen Crowley

I found my way with HCG   -One woman’s journey
After years of letting my weight creep up, and to my bewilderment now, the fact that I didn’t seem to care I had put on almost 20kilos- it was time to lose it.  My divorce had come through and I was left with the physical legacy of those years of unhappiness.  I was at work feeling very emotional- relieved the relationship was over, but my weight gain was depressing me to the point I didn’t even want to get into a pool- the thought of being exposed like that didn’t sit well.   I spoke to my work colleagues and they recommended seeing a Nutritionist.
I called the clinic and spoke to Kylie.  After telling Kylie my story, she was determined we were doing this, “we’re doing this Lisa- you and me” was literally the first thing that came out of her mouth.   Her obvious determination and the strength behind her words to help me regain my fitness again was infectious.   We talked over the different protocols Kylie uses to achieve weight loss with her clients, her emphasis is on wholefoods & the elimination of some foods I thought were healthy for me- oops.  Even my butt came into it.  I had to “get my butt moving”.  She really does ask that you not only change the way you eat, maybe even the time you sleep, and in my case, there were other aspects of my life we had to modify that were impeding on my inability to be the best that I could be- as she said.   It was also about finding a physical activity that I liked to do that would become a part of my working week.  I am really not the exercising type.   Given I shied away from exercise, the HCG diet was then suggested.
Kylie explained-
The HCG is a diet that only a Doctor can give you- or a practitioner working with a Dr-  It requires a Doctor’s prescription.  The fastest way to lose weight Kylie had ever seen, with the ability to lose up to half a kilo day.   Would I be interested in that?  But trust me, Kylie said- if you stick with me, you will learn to love, if not become slightly addicted to exercise at some point. 
A part of me didn’t believe it- half a kilo per day, but I was at a standstill and I needed help so I decided to go ahead with HCG.   After the diet was explained to me I knew it was going to be hard but it felt like it was my last hope.
My first day on the HCG diet wasn’t too bad I lost 1.1 in 1 day and was over the moon, the next day was even better, I lost 1.9kgs in 1 day. In the first 2 days, I had lost 3 kg’s. In the first week of the diet I had lost 6.9 kilos, it was amazing feeling to get up in the morning and see these results- every day. At times, I did struggle with not being able to look forward to a nice meal or going out for dinner with family or friends- Kylie did warn me it was a bit tough on my social life for 3 weeks, but I was determined. Her drive to see my results also kept me motivated.    I didn’t even go to my best friend’s birthday dinner because I was scared I wasn’t going to be strong enough from being tempted into having a bit of garlic bread or a bite of pizza. I can’t say my journey was easy but I can say it was worth it.
In 6 weeks, I lost 15.7kg and it will never e
ver be coming back hahaha

                                                                                                                                                             – Lisa, NSW: a very satisfied customer

I have always struggled with my weight for many years and as a result have over the years put on many kilos. A friend suggested I talk to the Kylie McCarthy who had also helped her lose weight.   
After a consultation with Kylie she very quickly put me on my journey of not only weight loss but self-discovery, confidence and feeling good about who I am.  Kylie puts a lot of emphasis on acceptance of one self, and loving the beautiful vessel- as she puts it, that we have been given in this wonderful but all too short of a life.   At the end of my first consultation I already felt somehow slimmer, although in hindsight “lighter” is the word, the self-acceptance Kylie spoke of and our conversation around self-talk was just as beneficial as the diet itself!
The HCG diet is not for the faint hearted but it is a diet that resets your appetite and your attitude to food, I don’t see food as the enemy or a comfort food anymore but a necessity for fuel and nourishment for your body.  At the end of the HCG protocol, Kylie was keen to educate me on the benefits of Ketosis for a healthy long-term eating plan which I am currently living and loving the way I feel, the extra energy eating less food is incredible and my brain fog has gone.
I would highly recommend anybody to try the HCG Diet or any of Kylies eating programs and experience the benefits of weight loss with Kylie- she is a fantastic motivator. 

                                                                                                                                                                                          – Yvonne Lew

“I have been a chocoholic all my life, it was my absolute comfort food.  I was doing the ketogenic diet for over a year, but my sugar cravings didn’t stop.  Every so often id still get urges for carbohydrates.   A friend of mine had lost 12 kilos following Kylie McCarthy’s Keto program, I was not sure what could be so different about one Keto program to the next, but I had seen the proof in Sally and decided to give it a go.   
I stared Kylies Ketogenic program 2 months ago, and I haven’t looked back- my craving for foods are gone all together- including chocolate.
The program started out fairly straight forward, as the weeks went by, changes to my program where initiated, dropping many foods that I had previously thought were Keto friendly.  I progressed further and further into ketosis, my cravings for food have stopped altogether- including my want for chocolate, I can’t believe it, I can be at a Café with my girlfriend with all the French pastry in the world and I just don’t have the want for it.  I order my herbal tea and we enjoy the company of each other, not the addictive hit of a carbohydrate or caffeine- oh, because that was one of many changes in Kylies program.  No caffeine, I saw that her program was quite different in fact to the program I had been on, as Kylie said, the program I had been on was the Atkins diet, not a Ketogenic diet.  So here I am 4 months later, still at the weight I was when I finished the program.  It comes down to quality of life for me, and if I had to be honest, vanity, the Ketogenic diet has me looking and feeling better than I have in years.  I now have the energy to get up and exercise in the morning before work.  Im no longer the aging version of me, im full of energy and able to up with my kids.”


I met with Kylie 2 years ago, for my first HCG treatment. Kylie made the whole process amazing, she is supportive and so knowledgeable in all areas of JCG, ketogenic diets and wellbeing.
​I recommend Kylie for all issues, for weight and just feeling amazing. 

The HCG diet itself is intense but after the first week I found that my body thrived on the routine and just shed the weight.  I have now moved on to the lifestyle of Ketosis and not looked back

Thank you, Kylie, you’ve changed my life.

                                                                                                                                                               – J, NSW

Hi Kylie

Low Carb ( Ketogenic ) has changed my life. November 1st 2015 when I walked into your office I was 121kg and carried the burden of all the health issues that go with being this over weight. I sat down thinking that I didnʼt eat to badly, just to much and that this was probably a waste of time and money. I thought all I had to do was eat less, exercise more and put up with being hungry all the time and Iʼd lose the weight.

Little did I realize that you would put me on a program that would literally change the way I thought about food. You were there to keep me focused and answer any questions I had.
I walked out, not with a list of foods I should eat but with a list of things that I would never eat again.
I lost 52kg in eight months and have been stable since. The best thing, I eat the same now as I did while reducing my weight, I just increased my fat intake to stabilize. The biggest plus was I didnʼt get hungry. I found being in Ketosis reduced my appetite to a point where I went from eating 3 meals a day plus snacks to now eating 2 meals a day. I would never of thought that would be possible.

I now weigh 69kg, Iʼm full of energy, back hiking and enjoying life.

Thank you for putting me on the right track, I have my life back and it was so easy to do with your support.



The photo to the left is me before and on the right, is me after

​I have been a chocoholic all my life, it was my absolute comfort food. I have been doing keto for about 2 years, including nuts, dairy, coffee etc, and my need for sweets never went away. It was mostly in check but every so often I would binge on them and feel miserable for not having any control. Since changing up my keto protocol (aka ‘only’ keto way) my sweet cravings have disappeared!! Absolutely none. Even the bit of stevia that I used to put in my teas are not need anymore. Loving the freedom from it. Really hope this carries on.