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Baseline tests will be discussed within consultation and recommended prior to starting protocols.   Most baseline tests are covered by Medicare.

FUNCTIONAL TESTING is further specialised testing.  It is not covered by medicare and available upon request.

Why would you want functional testing?

Registered naturopathic practitioners are able to test you for almost anything a doctor can.  In fact a natural therapist will usually have a more advanced knowledge in functional testing than most regular GP’s.  This is simply due to the fact that natural therapists are open to many conditions & diseases your standard medical GP’s simply are not.   An example of this is intestinal permeability, or leaky gut.   

Most regular GP’s will see no correlation with the food you eat and gastrointestinal dysfunction- they do not recognise leaky gut or intestinal permeability at all in their practice.  So why would they know about the functional tests available to you.  

Paradoxically- natural therapists base almost all of their entire practice on the effects of foods on the human body- especially the gastrointestinal system.  If ill health arises, it makes sense that your first “port of call” when looking to heal is a natural therapist such as a Nutritionist.

What are examples of functional tests you can get?

Intestinal Permeability
Diurnal cortisol
Adrenal Function
Food intolerance- general food, Asian foods, Vegetarian foods and so much more


Currently in Australia there are no laboratories doing accurate testing of Cholesterol levels.  Current standard blood tests measuring your Cholesterol’s do not give you the full picture.   Advanced and extremely accurate tests are available and highly recommended to measure your atherosclerotic and heart disease risk.

Current cholesterol testing of your blood measures 4 aspects of your cholesterol you are probably familiar with-
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • HDL
  • LDL’s  
These 4 markers are just the tip of the heart healthy iceberg, they are not the full picture, nor giving you an accurate measure for your risk of heart disease.   A true measure of your atherosclerotic and heart disease risk is deeper inside those markers.  We need to look within your HDL’s and LDLS’, we need to see a break down of those individual fats, ie, the particle size and number of those fats.   Are your LDLS oxidized?  
LDLS are important, we need them for good health- but are yours oxidized due to genetic or nutritional factors? ​Oxidized LDLs are a marker of heart disease and atherosclerosis and not shown on standard cholesterol tests.

If you are following a high, healthy fat, Ketogenic lifestyle – Ideally, getting tested prior to starting Ketosis to see your current status, then testing again, some months later is recommended to see the (most often astonishing) improvements to your cholesterol markers after increasing healthy fats and reducing particular carbohydrates out of your diet.

Identifies your true atherogenic risk caused by the presence of highly atherogenic small dense LDL and IDL particles which often hide behind normal cholesterol levels. Small dense LDL particles are associated with a three times higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Oxidised LDL 
Offers additional analysis of arteriosclerosis risk through the identification of oxidised LDL cholesterol particles, determining whether you are at risk of heart attack or stroke. Current tests do not show the “oxidation” of LDL’s- it is the oxidation which indicates your risk for heart disease. 

Fatty Acid Status
Based on the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It determines your pro- and anti-inflammatory status by differentiation of saturated, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and trans fatty acids. We can actually see how much of each fatty acid your containing. This test helps to understand precisely what fats you are best to increase or decrease

Information & education about these specialized tests are a standard part of my Keto consultations.