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Kylie McCarthy - Registered Nutritionist

After graduating from The Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Kylie was trained and employed by Liver Specialist Dr Sandra Cabot.


For several years, Kylie practiced at the Cabot Clinic , accompanying Dr Cabot several times a week, across the country, attending seminars and clinics.


This one-on-one time with Dr Cabot continues today.   

Assisting a truly holistic medical GP is a unique experience and invaluable learning. 


In 2012, Kylie registered her own business- Naturally Energised Nutrition and continues to work remotely with Dr Cabot, whilst also sub-contracting at Blooms Pharmacy as their Nutritionist. 


A Certified Vitality, Longevity and Anti-Ageing Specialist interested in detoxification.Having attended detoxification and water-fasting clinics around the globe in personal research and experience, Kylie has gained various unconventional and traditional detoxification techniques. 


Also trained as a Registered Colon Hydrotherapist, and a self-professed, lifelong student of Nutrition, Kylie is currently studying a BHSc- Clinical Nutrition at Torrens University.


Kylie continues to expand her knowledge & understanding of Detoxification- in particular, detoxification of the Lymphatic system, Gut, Bowel, and Liver.


Zoom & Skype Consultations Available for clients wherever you are in Australia (Kylie is based on the Gold Coast).

Kylie McCarthy Qualified Nutritionist - Naturally Energised Nutrition Gold Coast, QLD

To Be Naturally Energised through nutritional medicine. That is the goal!