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Kylie McCarthy - Registered Nutritionist

Kylie is a Registered Nutritionist, currently based on the Gold Coast.  
As a registered Nutritionist,  hours of specific ongoing education must be accrued annually to be able to retain registration. 
Receiving her education at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in Sydney Australia, Kylie graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.
Trained personally by a holistic medical GP and world-renowned liver specialist- Dr. Sandra Cabot. It was an amazing opportunity.  Flying around the country with Dr. Cabot who is also a pilot, attending Dr Cabots various other clinics,  learning life and professional skills from one of the most respected, and truly altruistic, holistic medical GP’s of our time.   Kylie sat in on Dr. Cabot’s consultations, observing her treatments & practicing methods for a year, gaining practical experience well beyond her nutritional education.  Kylie then went on to practice full time alongside Dr Cabot at the Cabot Holistic Weight Loss Clinic drawing years of clinical experience.


Since leaving the Cabot Holistic Clinic, Kylie has started her own nutritional consulting company- Naturally Energised Nutrition.   Kylie still features on the Cabot Holistic Clinic website- working remotely,  consulting with clients via Skype, and is best known for her own personalised programs.
Having attended fasting clinics and experiencing detoxification techniques from around the globe, Kylie’s ongoing education & interest lay in Detoxification & Cleansing of the body- Emunctorology- the maintenance of elimination pathways and removal of toxic metabolites from the body, for optimal longevity and vitality.

To be naturally energised- that is the goal!

Where to find Kylie

Zoom & Skype Consultations Available for clients wherever you are in Australia (Kylie is based on the Gold Coast).

To Be Naturally Energised through nutritional medicine. That is the goal!