Red radish are rich in Anthocyanins with a truly impressive list of health benefits. Not only excellent lung detoxifiers

There are literally thousands of Phytochemicals known to man. Phytochemicals are plant compounds found with divine & unique synergy within fruits, vegetables and foods with protective or disease preventive properties once ingested.Anthocyanins are a subclass of a phytochemicals found in particular fruits and vegetables.  Anthocyanins are vivid reds (Radish) through to blue (blueberries) and purples (Eggplant). To date, there have been more than 635 anthocyanins identified in nature alone. Remembering an anthocyanin is only one subclass of phytochemical.   Oh my lordi natures perfection is mind blowing.

According to the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, there have been strong associations found between anthocyanin intake and age-related decline in lung function.  Lung function starts to decline in the third decade of life, but with different rates of decline across individuals.  Lower lung function is also a strong predictor of mortality.   So with that said- whether you are a smoker, were a smoker, or are simply living this 21 century life style- especially those of you in the city, its good to be aware of supporting our still non transplantable lungs as best we can.  

Red radish are rich in Anthocyanins with a list of health benefits which is truly impressive. Not only excellent lung detoxifiers, radish are an anti- congestive, great good for the liver and stomach, the kidneys, bladder, cardiovascular system, and immune system. Radish medicinal properties help to purify our blood, assisting to eliminate waste and detoxify the entire body.  Helpful when constipation, radish are also a known to relieve urinary tract infections (juicing) and kidney infections.   Its time to get your in-season red radish on folks.
This crunchy lung supporting salad below is perfect, in season and an easy addition to your diet


In-season, super simple Keto recipes
Napa, radish and red radish sprout Salad – 
Great as a side dish to anything, we had swordfish with ours.
Serves 4 as a side dish.

  • 1 small Napa cabbage – shredded in food processor
  • 1 bunch of Red Radish – shredded in foods processor or thin sliced anyway your kitchen will let you.
Yes, one whole bunch, once the radish is shredded into the salad with lime juice and balsamic vinegar, you can barely taste the it, yet you will be receiving the powerful nutritive and detoxification benefits of the Anthocyanins.
  • 1 punnet of Red radish sprouts
  • 1 Lebanese cucumber – sliced thin

Dressing for fish
  • 2 garlic cloves- minced
  • Butter
Dressing for salad
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • 2 Large limes – juiced
If you are having fish with your salad, get the fish going in the oven first.
Simply add juice of 1 lime, minced garlic and a little bit of melted butter in a small bowel-  mix well.
Place fish in an oven proof dish with a lid.
Pour lime and garlic mix over your fish and bake for 15-20 mins- depending what fish you are having.

Whilst the fish is in the oven, you have plenty of time to shred the cabbage and radish.

Combine shredded cabbage, radish and sliced cucumber into large bowl.

Use scissors to cut your radish sprouts- use as many as you like to your salad.

Combine Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil and juice of 1 lime in a small jar- put a lid on the jar and shake well.
Your dressing is ready for your salad.

Once the fish is baked, either plate it to the side of your salad or break it up throughout your salad.

Super easy, crispy clean good food that will leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished.