Are you an Intuitive Empath?

Are you an Intuitive Empath?  Tips to keep your own energy as clear and as positive as you can.

Well let’s find out!  Can you relate to any of the following?

Are you described as overly sensitive? 

Are you a social person that enjoys the company of others, yet needs to go home to recharge?  

If you’re in a large crowd or work in an environment where people are constantly “asking” of you, do you need to be alone to truly recharge- instead of heading out for a drink, you’d rather be alone- whether it go home or perhaps do some cardio exercise or meditation, its preferably done alone.  

Do you take your own car to events when you could easily car pool so that you can get out quickly- when you want, on your own terms?

Intuitive empaths will often experience severe mood swings that are not in tune with what is actually occurring in his or her life- they literally pick up on the feeling of those they are in the company of. This can work in their favour in a positive environment, however if those around them are filled with negative thoughts and or emotions, then the empath can easily find him or herself likewise filled with negativity, and even fall into a deep depression.  For this reason it is necessary to be aware that you are an empath- not a psychopath 😉 you should not be labelled as melancholy or depressed as most people that are not even aware of such sensitivities will want to label you, and most importantly- you need to know how to clear yourself, your space and your environment of anyone else’s energy- living and non.  Yes I said it- living AND non energies.  Otherwise you might find yourself thinking thoughts and feeling emotions that are overwhelming to you because of their foreign nature- possibly leaving your own emotional wellbeing compromised.

There seriously are some energy vampires out there, so if you find yourself relating to what I just described, or have chronic talkers, dramas queens or the odd princess in your life- and im non discriminatory, princesses do not always come in the form of a female 🙂  I have some tips to keep you from getting overwhelmed by an insensitive world.

Tips to keep your own energy as clear and as positive as you can.

First on my list of energy cleansing- the good old Sage Smudging- its not just for the hippies!  Sage Smudging has been around since we shackled up the towns thieves by the wrists in the town square.

Sage is used for clearing negative energy- inside and outside ourselves; it is used to cleanse our auras too. Are you even open to all this energetic talk i speak of? I hope so, because our planet and our universe is just a whole lot of energy manifesting into different forms.  Sage emits negative ions, just like the ocean. This is why when people go for an ocean swim they tend to feel cleaner- or just ‘better’ for seemingly no reason at all-it’s the ions!  Our aura holds positive ions, much like a carpet when you walk across it, creates static electricity. Positive ions are like dust to our aura, making us feel sluggish and not our bouncy frisky selves. When you burn a wad of Sage, the smoke from the sage meets the positive ions, clings to them and neutralizes them out of our aura, space, room or house where you live or work.  So get down to your local store and purchase some pure sage and get smudging!  For top quality sage smudge sticks Salt Lamps Australia are my choice

Essential oils –   100%  therapeutic pure grade oils, such as those you would get from Springfields are an excellent way to clear the senses.  Rich in Oxygen that will literally oxygenate you, essential oils have a “homeostatic intelligence” an ability to intuitively want relative balance and harmony within your body. Essential oils have the highest electrical frequency of any substance that has been measured- ever.  Human beings usually vibrate at around 40-60 megahertz, a genius will vibrate at around 80, pure rose oil will vibrate at an amazing 300megahertz, your own vibration is literally elevated when you use essential oils.  Frankincense is one of my favourite oils ever, known to stimulate the regeneration of cells and clear neurotransmitters, Frankincense combined with Myrrh is a powerful combination for elevating your mood if you have a diffuser.   I will add oils to my juices whenever i juice, and of course on various parts of my body depending on the oil im using- including under my tongue- Citrus oils under the tongue.   Frankincense Camomile Ylang ylang Vanilla & Myrrh is an amazingly meditative, yet uplifting combination you can wear- Frankincense is stimulating for all of the sensors

Visualise white light all around you– where ever you are,  if you take a moment to breath and do a quick visualization you can protect yourself and wrap yourself in a cocoon of white light that will protect you and deflect anything, and all from you that is not of love and light.  There are plenty of examples of white light visualisations on You Tube.  However your own visualisation is easy to do.

Scenario:  You have come into a situation where you feel people may not be acting in the best intention toward your higher self.  It may be a certain group of people, a person, a work environment, it can be anywhere.    Here is a quick little visualisation that you can do at your desk, or anywhere you may be.  Sitting at your desk at work for example- all you need to do is sit back, feet flat on the ground, get into a comfortable position, take in a deep breath, palms in your lap facing upward, with your middle finger and your thumb together, breathe deeply, breath in- exhale slowly, focus and visualise a beautiful bright white light all around you radiating out 3 feet in front behind, above below and all around you, focus on that light as it forms a bubble or cocoon around you- your physical and energetic bodies, feel and sense peace throughout your entire being, call upon your angels to protect you from all that is not love and light, continue to focus on your visualisation of a white light all around you, focus on the cocoon of white light allowing only that which is for your highest and best good to penetrate the cocoon- trust that this is so, and then say to yourself “I am safe, I am protected, so be it, so be it, so be it.  Thank you”      And there you have it- your invisible red cape is on and ready for the day ahead!

That brief visualisation only need last a couple of minutes.  Know that at any time throughout your day, when you put your middle finger and thumb together on the hand you don’t use to write with, that you will be protected.  Trust in this- trust in your angels.   It keeps those negative energies away.

Himalayan Salt lamps –  Again, it’s an energy thing- Salt lamps will remove electronic magnetic fields we cannot see in our living spaces and environment.  EMF’s have a negative effect on our bodies and can disrupt the bodies normal energetic composition, leading to headaches, nausea and in some people- even cancer.  EMF’s come from televisions, stereos computers, alarm clocks phones- any electrical devices we have in our homes, it’s impossible to avoid them, so we need to neutralize them.   Get yourself a salt lamp for your home, bedroom, work place- anywhere!    Salt lamps have a light bulb inside- the heat from the lamp radiates and activates the minerals from within the salt lamp and releases Ions into the atmosphere which offset the EMF’s from your electronics. There are many benefits of having a salt lamp in your work or home space- for me; I notice that I don’t feel as sluggish when working at my desk when I have my salt lamp on.   Salt Lamps Australia provide good quality lamps and a large variety of different types

EMF’s are destructive to the human body and may be the most significant form of pollution that human activity has produced in this century.  There are many ways to reduce EMF’s in our environment- earthing is a way you may be familiar with- for example carbon electron carrying pads- using an earthing pad underneath your desk to rest your feet on during your working day will access the healing energy of the earth to remove electrical charges from you and dissipate them from your body. 

And of course- to emanate natural positive energy, we must- Eat For Energy!

Water- drinks at least 2 litres of water a day. Being dehydrated can make you feel fatigued and often send us to the coffee machine for all the wrong kinds of energy.  We are over 80% water- look down at that body of yours- 80% of it is water and that water a part of the required energy conversion processes within your body.  It’s also one of the easiest ways to assist in preventing stroke and heart disease, water simply thins out the blood which will in turn make it easier to pump around your body- blood contains oxygen! Oxygen is also required for energy conversion.

Kale  Move over spinach, Kale is here. Kale is delicious, full of Iron, is alkalizing and contains easily digestible proteins- so it’s great for the bowels too!  Kale is higher in Iron than Spinach and able to be substituted in any recipe where spinach is required. Extremely high in Vitamin A makes Kale great for eye health.  Kale is chock full of Vitamin K- what our blood needs to clot.   There are many varieties of Kale with varying degrees of bitterness and sweetness.  Dinosaur Kale is one of my favourites when sautéing or steaming.  Don’t ever boil your Kale, you lose to much of the Nutrients.

Blueberries- chock full of vitamins and minerals, however their best feature is the high Anthocyanins- a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to lower blood pressure by up to 15%. Anthocyanins have also been proven to promote brain health by reducing short term memory loss and Alzheimer’s. With more Vitamin C & K, fibre and antioxidants than another Anthocyanin containing fruit- eggplant for example, this makes blueberries number one in the purple fruit and veg family!

Edamame – contains such a high amount of protein that it is comparable to meat.  With healthy fats, a whole lot of Vitamins- especially Vitamin C and fibre, Edamame beans are a great snack alone, or used like regular beans in salads, soups and dips.

Chocolate- or “Cacahuatl” as it was known to the ancient Aztecs, can be used as medicine for the mood- if not the body, as long as you are eating the right type of chocolate. As long as there is a high content cacao in your chocolate- at least 50%, then your chocolate is considered a super food and will be chock full of antioxidants- in fact raw cacao bean is probably the most chemically complex food in the world.  Chocolate is the highest anti oxidant food in the world- up to 20x greater in anti oxidants than green tea, 30x high than red wine 15 x higher than blueberries- so yes, its safe to say- dark chocolate helps reduce fatigue! Did you know the cacao bean contains more Vitamin C than any seed or nut on the planet and is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C of any other foods? Surprisingly high in fibre and packed with Tryptophan which promotes a feeling of wellbeing and elevates mood. Chocolate also helps your blood flow more smoothly- isn’t this fabulous! Chocolate reduces clotting and improves arterial function.  Dark chocolate- get into it!

Quinoa- closer to spinach than wheat in its origin, this seed contains all 9 essential amino acids that make it a complete protein food, so nutrient rich is quinoa that it was one of the foods NASA sent into space with its astronauts!  Quinoa is a high manganese food

Walnuts– a rich source of heart healthy mono unsaturated fats and a high percentage of Omega 3 fats eating just one hand full daily can reduce your risk of cardio vascular disease by up to 50%. Walnuts contain a large number of anti inflammatory nutrients that are considered anti cancer and particularly beneficial in prevention of breast and prostate cancers.

Sweet Potato A member of the morning glory family puts sweet potato closer to road side bushes than they are to an actual potato’s.  So don’t sweat the carb content, they are full of complex Carbohydrate, this makes sweet potato the best source of fuel for your body. Complex carbs digest more slowly than other carbs- which is great for decreasing risks of diabetes or helping someone to overcome and reverse their insulin resistance.  Extremely rich in Vitamin A, this promotes better eye health and vision- especially at night and high in Beta Carotene.  Studies have shown that diets high in Beta Carotene provide significantly better liver function than those without a diet high in Beta Carotene.  Sweet potato is also high in manganese- which has been shown to reduce symptoms of PMS in women!

Coconut water rehydrates your body better than anything else!  It is the closest thing to human blood there is thanks to it electrolyte profile of magnesium potassium phosphorous calcium and sodium. Those electrolytes are great to balance our nervous system and reduce blood pressure. Full of anti viral and anti fungal nutrients, it is also anti bacterial and anti microbial.  There is so much goodness from our mother earth- why would we consider junk food?  The nutrient dense profile of coconut water is a natural energy drink- some people use sports drinks, id rather use the water of a coconut.

Marine Phyto plankton – Jacques Cousteau has a lot to say about marine phyto plankton.  MPP are the producers of the proteins that feed our Whales.   Whales produce the biggest nervous system in the world, but are fuelled by these tiny micro algae’s called marine phyto plankton.   The oils of DHA and EPA that are found in all our fish and the whales come from marine phyto plankton.  Very likely the most nutritious food in the world, MPP contains every known mineral and all the essential fatty acids and amino acids- which makes it a complete protein source. The richest source of chlorophyll there is, marine phyto plankton is unsurpassed by ANYTHING!

I think the best thing we can do to keep from negative energy is to not become negative energy.   It is a constant and continual daily practice- use your wisdom and gift of light to be kind and show understanding for those that for whatever their own personal journey, have not yet found their own inner happy.  It could be their life circumstance, strains within family, their children, simply living in this energetically unsettling 21st century with all of its financial and social pressures, or perhaps its the good old fashioned lack of their own self worth.  There are many reasons some people may not be beaming with their own life loving happiness. 

We all have different gifts, adversities and challenges of our own, so when you see someone accomplishing something, doing well, being successful, or just generally being happy- be happy for them, with them- don’t let negativity stop you from showing support- because hey, when you are in the company of positive energy, you can actually thrive off that yourself- it can help you to make the change, feel the change and be the change that turns your own life around.   The sooner everyone realizes  how magnificent and brilliant they are, and focus on their own greatness rather than focus on everyone else’s, the more contentment there will be.

If someone looks like they are on top of the world, or higher than life, perhaps that is because they have been through the lowest of lows.  Whatever it is, happiness is all you can wish for others,  and yourself- the best thing you can find is happiness with yourself- after all, isn’t that the whole journey of life?  

“When you’re moving in the positive- your destination is the brightest star”   SW

Have a happy day!