Ultimate Detox! My hair has never grown so fast or so healthy

I’ve been known for my love of a good detox, and have I done a few.    Liver detoxes- of course, bowel detoxes, lymphatic drainage, coffee enemas, colonic irrigation, juice fasts, blood cleansing, Diatomaceous earth shakes, gallbladder flushing, dry skin brushing, chakra balancing with Tibetan monks- the list really does go on. 

Detoxification is something that can be achieved on a physical mental emotional and energetic level.  It was my latest feat of “cleanse” that really horrified the people in my world, and I still really dont understand why all the horror, it’s not like I have removed a limb- I simply shaved all the hair from my head.  Every strand- completely gone.  Wow was it cathartic, but the level of catharsis was not so much an emotional one, it was more of an energetic release.

There is a very experienced Chiropractor over in Gladesville in the Care Clinic.  Martin is an exceptional healer, very broad minded in his modalities- also trained in kinesiology, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Biomesotherapy, Homotoxicology and Chinese herbal medicine, it was Martin who I happened to visit the very day I had planned- with trepidation, to shave my locks off.  I walked into Martins clinic and was surprised by what I saw- Martin had shaved his head!  Anyone believe in signs? 😉    “You’ve shaved your head!” I exclaimed.    “Yes- I do it every now and then and I’m the only male in my family with a full head of hair” he gleefully announced ha!   It was then that Martin went into the energetic releasing and healing effects that a good shave to the head has.   The energy flows within our body- our meridians that are opened up once all those years of built up heavy metals and 21st century toxins are snipped and shaved right off- let alone the bald scalp that is about to get its first loofah ever! 

I’m all for a good energetic balance- I can very proudly call a Tibetan Buddhist monk by the name of Tendar a friend.   Tendar gave me a chakra balancing, its takes about 45 minutes with a lot of “oms” and chanting from Tendar, and I tell you what-   that is powerful.   If you don’t believe in the various energies running through our body- meridians really is just the start, you certainly will after a good Chakra balance with a powerful – and the right healer.  You literally feel a shift in your being after a session.

So back to the hair- yes, shaved it off and in loving it- feels amazing, but I have to admit- as much as I’m told “I have the head for it” (so kind are they) I must admit- I am really looking forward to the day I can pop it all back up in a pony again!   So with that, came the beginning of my new regime- my new scalp and hair routine…   Morning and night- Aloe Vera gel massaged into the scalp, and I have seen fantastic hair growth- im talking a couple of inches of good thick, shiny hair growth in just ten weeks! 
I also dry skin-brushed my buff little melon every other day- further increasing circulation and airflow to the scalp.  I took MSM twice daily- MSM is sulphur.  Sulphur is one of the main minerals that are a part of the human body. It is needed for various parts of the body, and is often referred to as the beauty mineral. It will supply the right types of nutrients for hair growth.  I have always had a balanced Thyroid, so i didn’t need to look at taking Iodine, I took my Diatomaceous Earth in a glass of water or smoothie each day and of course, a good liver tonic.  Because let’s not forget – essentially, I was detoxing and if you don’t detox using the right herbs to support the various phases of detoxification, you are not optimizing your detox.

The increase in my hair growth continues to surprise me.   It has now been 6 months since i shaved it and I am already putting a brush through it.

Most people know Aloe for its soothing properties, whether that be topically for sunburn or internally for relieving gastro intestinal inflammation.  However, Aloe Vera is also a magnificent hair and scalp tonic, known for its hair loss and re-growth properties, from dandruff to itchy scalp or greasy hair- aloe is your one-stop shop for hair troubles. Even if you don’t have any particular hair needs, Aloe will still nourish your hair follicles and scalp- especially the scalp.  Nourishing the scalp is the part of the growth process that so many of us ignore.  It is a healthy well oxygenated scalp that hair must grow from- that is why the dry skin brush to my scalp felt so good- the blood flow it produced. Pure Aloe gel serves as a fantastic detox, washing away all the impurities.  Cleaning the pores of your hair, promoting hair re growth, preventing hair loss and adding shine to your locks. 

Detox- it comes in many forms.  Not all women will do what I did in their life time and shave their head, but I would totally recommend it if you are brave enough.   Brave because you are choosing to remove a part of you that society defines you with.  Which is exactly why a lot of women will choose to do it.   By removing “your beauty” you are left with nothing, but your true self, and from my heart & my own experience, I am telling you- I have never felt so feminine or liberated in my life.   Do iiiiiit!   Its just hair- it grows back, and grows back stronger- just like us.