Stocks, Broths & Bouillons- Do you know the difference? Because one reduces your cellulite!

At home in the kitchen, donned in my crystal trimmed, fuchsia pink apron -yes I’m serious, creating tastebud tantalizing meals and treats to share with friends and family is one of my favourite things in the world to do.

It was while i was putting together a tasty winter soup that i realized something…. i didn’t know the difference- the “technical” difference between a stock a broth and a bouillon.   I had never really thought about it.  If anything, I thought that stock was a clear liquid of vegies and maybe some bones, with broth an interchangeable name- or at the very least just somehow thicker than a stock.  And as for a bouillon, well isn’t that just another name for stock cube?     So let me set you straight before you head into another winter without these culinary basics- heaven forbid!

Stocks and broths actually start out in the same mix mash of fashions; it all depends on whether you are making a chicken, fish, vegetable, or meat stock or broth.   And you must be aware that the names stocks and broths actually are used interchangeably by some people.
A Stock   Is generally a variety of vegetables, some bones and sometimes some meat slow simmered for hours and Viola! There you have your basic stock ready to base any sauces, soups or chosen creation.   A stock is not used on its own, it is usually fairly bland on its own and always used as part of a meal.

Broths     Can be used as a medicinal food- in fact a bone broth is one of the best quality medicinal foods there is.  A broth preparation goes a little further than that of stock.  Broths can be used somewhat like a stock, however a broth will also have various herbs and spices, and tends to have more direction toward a particular flavour- depending on what the broth will be used for.  
A Bone broth is a little different- used to improve digestion, bone broth reduces allergies and has seriously hefty nutritive powers to increase your immune system and reduce a leaky gut by healing your gastro intestinal system. 
And a good bone broth helps to reduce cellulite.
Broth is high in proteins such as chondroitin, glucosamine, proline and glycine and many more, these are amino acids we pay a lot of money for in supplemental form- available to us in a powerful whole foods combination that nature intended, and for the cost of bones!  Proteins are required for building healthy connective tissues within the body, remineralization of your teeth, ligaments, joints bones, hair nails- all of it!  
Cellulite is connective tissue gone wrong, with healthy connective tissue coming from nutrient dense bone broth, vigorous fat burning exercise and oxygen you can begin to see a reduction in cellulite.   Re-mineralizing of your teeth is another article in itself.  Dr Weston A Price has a great book that addresses in detail the process of re mineralization- where specialized cells in the centre of the tooth are able to regenerate dentin, the layer of tooth just under the enamel, and the enamel can then properly re-mineralize.
Bouillons really are a smoking gun to our eco system- yes, ecology- lil ole bouillons!   Ok perhaps not bouillons themselves, but their ingredients leave a lot to be desired.

Bouillons can be seen as just compressed dehydrated stock- and on the most part they are, however bouillons are typically processed with MSG, tremendous amounts of sodium and quite often, palm oil is added.  Palm Oil!  We hate (strong word i know) we really do not like products containing Palm Oil! Unless it is certified organic and sustainable.  The clearing land for oil palm plantations has led to widespread deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as other regions. This has pushed many species to the brink of extinction, such as rhinoselephantsorang-utans and tigers. These beautiful majestic animals are dying.  We need to be aware of the death and destruction that us humans cause to the other beautiful life living and feeling species of our planet.   

Bouillons are basically a quick alternative to a stock or broth if you do not have the time to create your own. Even though they are a concentrate, Bouillons are quite bland compared to stocks but incredibly salty- salt is the predominant concentrate flavour, and it’s not the mineral packed sea salt or Himalayan salt we prefer, bouillons are chocka little square block full of unhealthy demineralised salt- the bad stuff!   So once again- as you can see, what is packaged up for our “convenience” is as usual- terrible for us, animals we share the planet with and the planet itself.  The only thing good about the “convenience” of most packaged foods is the money it makes the people that run the companies selling the product.

So now you have your stock broths and bouillons sorted- go forth and simmer a hearty winter stew fine peoples.