Serving suggestions-
Fish Or drizzle with Tahini



These amounts are a guide for you.   As I have learnt, even following recipes to the word does not lead to the result that may be shown in the book! So, in my opinion use all quantities in recipes that are not your own as a guide.  Adding or reducing ingredients to suit your own taste. A good cook-or chef will taste their creation as they go along- that is your guide to ingredient amounts required- your own taste buds! 

Raw Napa Slaw Ingredients- Nutritionist on the Gold Coast QLD

1 head of a Napa Cabbage- shredded.
1 cup of fresh chopped Coriander- buy a large bunch.
4 Tablespoons of Sesame seeds- both Black & White
3 Tablespoons Flaxseed oil
5 Tablespoons- Lime Juice
3 Tablespoon Ginger- minced
Cayenne spice powder- sprinkle throughout the leaves of Napa to taste.
Himalayan or Celtic salt – I easily sprinkled a teaspoon of salt through the leaves, grasping layers of the cabbage leaves to ensure even amounts throughout the salad.  


Toss all ingredients in a large mixing bowl- and serve.

You will need quite a large bowl to ensure you can use your two hands for thoroughly mixing all other ingredients around the cabbage leaves

Personally- I used about 4 large handfuls of the cabbage– this was enough for 1 meal for 2 people.
The salad portion of my meals are the main portion, not the ‘side’.   I eat a pile of salad.
The rest of the shredded cabbage I put in a plastic bag in the fridge ready to go for the next day. 
Napa cabbage shredded in a food processor ends up quite a big pile- you will wonder how you will get through it, however does shrink down once you add the lemon juice and oil.
Due to the flax oil content of this salad, it will go soggy overnight if you make it all up at once.  So make up the immediate amount you require and leave the rest of the crispy fresh Napa in the fridge for your next meal or tomorrow.

Raw Napa Slaw - Nutritionist on the Gold Coast QLD