Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth from New Mexico
1 kilo bag- including Express Post $55

Where is your Diatomaceous Earth coming from?

If its Australian- be aware- you are not getting the “Food Grade” quality that is meant for humans.

Did you know people can legally claim their Diatomaceous Earth is “Food grade” when it is meant for livestock feed!

Did you know there is no such thing as “Naturopathic” Diatomaceous Earth.
The D.E. being sold on the internet for low prices (I saw as low as $6 per kg!) is mined in northern QLD; it is the Australian product and it is of inferior quality (a lot higher percentage of crystalline silica), to the Diatomaceous Earth i am selling which is mined in New Mexico and exported all over the world and has been since the early 80’s.

Sellers of the Australian product are using all the information and pictures of the U.S. product to sell it. They call it food grade because it is; for animal use (livestock feeding)!

​Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product, with a corn flour like consistency and a long list of health benefits.

Diatomaceous Earth assists to increase the amount of Osteoblasts your body can make.

Osteoblasts are cells which turn into hair skin nails, ligaments and collagen! Which means you get stronger nails, faster growing,  healthier & shinier hair and stronger ligaments- great for the athletic type and or ageing. And lets face it- superficial but true- the more collagen our body can produce- the less developing fine lines- what’s not to love!

With your kilo bag of Diatomaceous earth, you will also receive 8 pages of information, giving you an in depth look at the definition of, and what exactly is Diatomaceous Earth, Zeolite and other clays. Along with testimonials from people attesting to Diatomaceous earth’s ability to-

Reduce blood pressure
Lower oxidised cholesterols
Improve joint aches- especially in menopausal woman
Improved skin quality , brighter skin
Quicker growing and shinier hair.

The tiny particles of diatoms actually split and crack the shell of bacteria and parasites within the intestine, assisting to reduce parasites as you pass them out with your bowel motions- this includes tape worm.
In one particular case, i recall the elimination of a large tape worm from my clients intestine- over 40cm in length, thanks to the daily use of diatomaceous earth

Personally, what i like is DE strips built up faecal matter from the large intestine and in turn boosts energy.   Its like mini colonic irrigation, minus the small hose up your back side!

Diatomaceous Earth- add it to your smoothies, or simply have it with water. A staple for any health conscious households pantry