Oxidation and anti-oxidants explained- Why a Detox is so important

In our current times, there are a growing number of toxins in our food and living environment- toxic not only to our environment, but to our species.  These toxins are in the meats we eat, the pesticides herbicides, fungicides & insecticides that are sprayed over and cover our plants, fruits and vegetables – poisoning our soils.  And what about the good times – the alcohol we drink, the gluten we lovingly eat- the list continues.   All this, together with the general oxidizing toxins of life such as the trans fats we ingest in our foods, xenoestrogens we consume from within plastics, cigarette smoke, smog, industrial fumes and at the top of the list – life!  Just living life with all its 21st century stresses is so toxic-  wack a poor diet on top of that- and it’s any wonder we are all falling off our perch far too young!   All these toxins are a burden to our struggling bodies that have no idea they are living a 21st century lifestyle, where fast foods, inflation, over population, industrialization & immunization are the way of life. 

Oxidation and Free Radicals.   

You may have heard the words pop up, however If you don’t know what exactly they mean, then you can’t be expected to grasp an understanding of how important the addition of Anti-Oxidants are into your diet, or why natural therapists will recommend that you also supplement with anti-oxidants to receive not only a high nutritional status of antioxidant via the food you eat, but also therapeutic levels using good quality practitioner only.  


On a cellular level, there is always an interplay between energy, and the negative side effects of energy production.  As your body converts substances such as oxygen & sugar into a usable energy called ATP, the natural process of oxidation occurs.  Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS’s) are produced.  

Molecules in our body like to stay in pairs, when a molecule becomes unpaired through general respiration suh as explain previously via ATP production, exercise and everyday normal metabolic functions- molecules become oxidized, in other words, molecules become unpaired and turn into harmful ROS’s.  This impairing of electrons which creates ROS’s & Oxidation is unfavourable, leading to biological changes that are known to be the cause wrinkling, loss of skin elasticity, the whole ageing process and the slew of degenerative diseases that comes with ageing.

Anti Oxidants
 oppose and help reduce oxidation.  Anti-Oxidants lend electrons to those unpaired anti-oxidants, enabling them to become stable again.  Anti-Oxidants are anti-ageing and help to slow down oxidation, slow down the degenerative process of ageing and disease.  Oxidation is a natural biological reaction within the body; however, we need to prevent oxidation from happening as much as possible.  This is why it is so important to get anti oxidants into your diet and as often as you can, in as many various forms as you can! 
Detox is also aimed at eliminating parasites, fungus and bacteria from your gastro intestinal system.  You will notice renewed energy a reduction in bloating and gas that was previously caused by the dysbiosis of your internal micro flora. Re-inoculating  your intestine with good micro flora will significantly increase your immune system, reducing your incidence of Virus, increase your ability to absorb nutrients, hence leaving you feeling energized!   Ultimately, that is what we all want- ENERGY!

During a detox, dairy, meat, grains, sugar, coffee and yeast are out.   And the liver inflamingly obvious alcohol & recreational drugs are also included in your list of no gos! So prepare yourself mentally – It may seem like a long time,  however the time will pass- whether you achieve your detox goal or not, the time will still pass- so stick with it!  

It may seem hard to restrict the foods you are most probably “addicted” to.   We often describe these foods as the foods we “love” . Actually you don’t love them- you are addicted!   All the more reason to kick the insatiable habit of food addictions with a detox now!
Detox can be difficult in the first few days  but exhilaratingly rewarding when you start to buzz with what it feels like to be clean and running on all cylinders.  

Detoxing your body efficiently and correctly is a combination of  timed metabolic phases through various organs.  You are best to speak to a Nutritionist or Naturopath for an individual detoxification program  that will best suit your current health status.