​1 large Kale
Rocket- large handful
Sprouts- optional
2 lemons
Paprika, Cayenne – or Chipotle
Avocado- 1 large.   + Extra avocado diced for top of salad
Olive oil- 2-3 Tablespoons
Cherry tomatoes
Himalayan salt


​Strip kale from the vein, wash.
The object here is to soften the kale, not cook it.
Bring water to the boil on the stove top.  Turn off the stove top, and whilst water is still hot, yet no longer boiling- blanch kale very quickly- just enough time to get all the kale submerged momentarily before pouring it all out into a colander.
Immediately wash your kale with cold filtered water- from your sink tap is ideal.
Remove kale and dry it off with paper towel, using your fingers to open up the shrunken kale leaves again.  You don’t want water dripping.  Dry off the kale as best you can.
Place Kale into a large mixing bowl.
Chop avocado into small pieces and add to your kale.
Massage the avocado through the kale so it covers the Kale, leaving maybe some small naturally occurring chunks of avocado that did not get mashed by your hand.

Add lemon, salt and olive oil- stir through, mixing all ingredients evenly with a fork
Add Hemp seeds- stir through with a fork
Add the rocket.  The raw rocket adds texture to the softened kale- again I used a fork to ensure all ingredients where separated and mixed well.
Serve up your Kale & Hemp salad
Slice Cherry tomatoes- dice extra avocado.
I placed tomatoes on top of the greens once plated
Add diced avocado to top of salad