Juicing and Blending- The difference!


The concentrated dose of enzymes vitamins and minerals that come in a fresh juice literally saturates the blood- and very quickly, with a potent dose of nutrients.  You literally feel the buzz of the energy moments after you drink a juice if your body is clean enough- and if not, eventually you will!  The healing powers of daily juicing make it a must for anyone wanting optimal health and nutrition- in fact any good cancer treatment should also contain a vegetable juicing protocol- it’s that nutritive!


Blending provides a lot of fibre to your diet- when you blend you are leaving the vegetable & fruit whole- you are not extracting its juicy contents, rather you are blending it all up and eating all of its insoluble fibrous content along with any of its juices.   You will find it very hard to eat the quantity of vegetables you would use in a juice because of the high fibre content- which is why blending and juicing are two very different ways of obtaining nutrition, and both focus on different areas of health within the body. 
Blending provides more of a meal – enabling you to add proteins and carbohydrates from various super foods into the mix – think maca powder, lacuma, camu camu, coconut oil or coconut milk.  A juice is a great idea for an energy bursting breakfast that will require little digestive function from your gastro intestinal system and pancreatic enzymes- the more we can rest the digestive system the better.  Juicing is also the perfect 3pm pick me up!   When eating, you always want to have a protein for satiety and to regulate your blood sugar levels- so if you do chose to have a green juice on most mornings as I do – a hand full of nuts on your way out the door is ideal!

Important note re juicing:

One important point that needs to be noted is that vegetable juices are the preferred nutritive choice over fruit juices – vegetable juices will not spike sugar levels like a fruit juice will.  Vegetable juices hold an almost super powered healing quality- Fruit is just too high in sugar and needs to be limited to no more than 20% of your entire juice.  If you are only juicing fruit with no vegetable, then you may find your name added to the alarmingly high rate of Type 2 Diabetics being diagnosed around the world!

Important note re blending:  

The blending process breaks the fibre apart -which makes the fruit and vegetables easier to digest.  This also helps create a slow and even release of nutrients into the blood stream and avoids blood sugar spikes.  Blending- also referred to as smoothies by some, tend to be more filling because of the fibre, and are generally faster to make than a juice, so if you are really pushed for time, smoothies can be great to drink first thing in the morning as your breakfast, or for snacks throughout the day.  The fibrous content of blending and smoothies also provides valuable healing benefits for the gastro intestinal system- often strengthening the pockets of the musculature along the colon.  The musculature sections of our bowel become flaccid over a life time- hence, including soluble fibre will strengthen musculature wall of your colon preventing the uncontrollable flatulence that can happen as we sail into our middle age- and by the way, middle age use to be 40, did you know A study by UK healthcare provider Benenden Health has middle age now kicking in at 53! With extended life expectancies and nutritional medicine- such as juicing, we are living longer!   Woo whoooo!  The more the better!

To kick start your cellular regeneration, adrenal function, and an all-round boost of energy that is coming from the inside out- start raw Juicing today.   A bestselling book by Dr Sandra Cabot titled “Raw Juices Can Save Your Life” is literally an A-Z of juicing.   Giving you juices from Acne to weight, an A-Z of fruits and vegetables and their therapeutic benefits, what when and how to pick your fruits and vegetables and a guide on what you are looking for when shopping for your juicer.  Like man, not all juicers are created equal.
Considering a juice fast?  A juice fast is personalised and easy way to detox your body and lose weight.  If you would like any more information about juicing blending or any other form of weight loss therapy- please contact me at kylie