Frequently asked HCG Diet Questions

 I was first introduced to the HCG Diet whilst working at the Dr Sandra Cabot Weight Loss Clinic.  I gained years of clinical experience, helping literally thousands of clients to lose weight – many of these success stories where using the HCG Diet.

Years later, I was fortunate enough to have started working with the team at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia (TCPA) Darlinghurst, and owner/pharmacist Kim Rumble.  Ms Rumble was the first pharmacist to bring the HCG Diet into Australia. 
Having the opportunity to work with a professional like Kim, with such experience in the HCG Diet, and the team of 1st class pharmacists & lab technicians will always be one of my lifes highlights.   They are all as brilliant in academic terms, as they are caring & professional.   TCPA supplies the highest grade of legal HCG. 

Be aware when sourcing HCG.

There are many people out there claiming to sell HCG- including Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Personal Trainers, “Health Coaches”  Dog trainers- anyone can sell it.    It is even possible to purchase online, however, unless you are contacting a pharmacist and your HCG is coming from a Pharmacist- then it is fake.

Also, there are some people on Facebook supplying the true HCG but at massively inflated prices. They actually do supply the scripted hormone from a pharmacy but I have heard of people paying over $500 for their script.

Make sure your practitioner is giving you the true scripted HCG hormone, and there is really no reason to pay over $500.  Check the internet for any books on HCG – they are all available there. 

True scripted hormone and the fake. What is the difference?

The true scripted HCG hormone can only be sourced by consulting with a medial GP. They will write you a prescription which you can take to a pharmacy which supplies the hormone.

The fake hormone is actually a homeopathic style remedy; and extremely diluted version of the hormone. And here’s the scoop! Even the American Homeopathic Society don’t recognize homeopathic HCG as being effective. It simply does not work. 

Fake or homeopathic HCG does not work on the body like the true scripted hormone does. When using the fake hormone you are literally starving yourself, trickling in a little bit of calories- which includes carbohydrates, rather than burning fat.     You would be better off- it would be more advantageous and healthy to do a supervised water fast- to have zero calories and totally water fast- under strict supervision, rather than use the homeopathic HCG! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. 

Make sure your practitioner is giving you the true scripted hormone 
​And dont pay over $500 for your HCG!