Hair loss- Possible causes and how do I stop it!

Baldness or loss of hair is referred to as alopecia and there are multiple factors that can contribute to it.  Hair loss can be hereditary as you see with the Royal family- first Charles and now Wills.  Young George will more than likely endure the same wispy fate. 

Hormones are another factor that can have men and women lacking in follicle lustre.  Whether it be hormonal imbalance or simply a part of the aging process. 

Stress- one must never underestimate the hair defying powers of stress- a known cause of temporary hair loss.

Auto Immune diseases can trigger hair loss.  Some scientists believe the body’s immune system mistakes hair follicles for foreign tissue and attacks them.  If you are all of a sudden finding unexplained hair loss- perhaps you want to review your diet for foods that may initiate an immune response.  A good practitioner can help you with this.    

Remember, gluten is a protein that is foreign to the body, and in years gone by was thought to just be symptomatic in the bowel- a disease of the bowel, however we now know the effects gluten can have on our body and immune system can be asymptomatic, painless and systemic.   You may not feel any pain, you may seem to be symptom free, however a great example of how devastating an asymptomatic symptom can be is brain inflammation.   Our brain has no pain receptors, so any brain inflammation is not actually felt, disease inflammation and ill health can manifest eventually, and in other areas of the body that you would never think gluten could effect.   But you must remember- Gluten usually gets in to your blood via your leaky gut.    Auto Immune disease can manifest where ever you have blood- and everywhere else!

Grain Brain is an excellent book or audio to listen to.   Written by Dr David Pearlmutter. 

Demodex follicularum – something a little less than charming is.  DF is a type of tiny mite that lives in virtually all hair follicles-  yep, virtually all, causing hair loss.

In addition, there are also the diet and lifestyle factors- simply living in this toxic 21st Century will affect follicle growth.  Hair Dyes, Diabetes, high fever, Iron deficiency, thyroid disease, heavy metals in your body, fungal infections, and of course vitamin deficiencies. 

You need to find the cause of your hair loss as this will direct your course of treatment.  A good practitioner will be able to help you on your journey of elimination as you properly eliminate any possible causes of your hair loss. 

If your hormones are the cause of your hair loss, again- it may be your dietary choices that are increasing or reducing certain hormones in your body.  Particular foods can increase and decrease hormones within the male and female body.  Below are some natural ways to assist the promotion of hair growth and scalp health.

Nettle:  Nettle in its various forms is used to block the production of DHT.  Dihydrotestosterone is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone which can be one cause of hair loss in both men and women.  The American Hair Loss Association has a lot of info on DHT if you would like to read more.

Increase fruits and vegetables:  Sounds basic right?  But how many of us get the required amounts and variety required daily.  Sometimes all we need to do is cover the basics.  The flavonoids and anti oxidants fruits and vegetables contain provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth. 
Proteins within your body are also very important.     MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is just one example.  MSM is a sulphur compound with an enormous amount of healing and strengthening properties throughout the body.   Suphur is also a component of insulin, the very important hormone that regulates the uptake of glucose by the cells for use as energy.  Sulphur is also a required element found in the proteins of most body tissues- skin, blood vessels, organs, nails and of course- hair!   MSM will strengthen hair.
Reduce consumption of grains:  Grains will increase the levels of Insulin in your body, if you are male- this may increase the amount of estrogen in your body.  If you are female- this may increase the amount of testosterone in your body- another cruel twist of nature.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea:  Use it as a rinse to assist hair growth.   Sage has many valuable uses in the field of natural medicine, but, interestingly enough, many of its traditional uses are for skin disorders. This is the reason why sage can play a large role in your natural hair loss program.  Apple Cider Vinegar is high in malic acid and has a very high natural pH, making the combination of both excellent for scalp health.

Diatomaceous Earth: I have seen amazing results using DE personally within my clinic.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a little known wonder powder that i love to use.  DE aids in producing more osteoblast cells. Osteoblasts are the starting point, that eventually turn into skin collagen nails, ligament and hair.  De has many other amazing health benefits and is something I always have in my cupboard.  Amazing stuff.  

Inversion Table:  Hanging upside down by your ankles for just ten minutes a day will stimulate hair growth from the extra blood flow to your scalp, and therefore oxygen to the cells of your brain as you dangle upside down.  Quite often poor circulation can reduce hair growth, so perhaps looking at your lifestyle and any habits that may be reducing your bodies oxygen levels is something to consider- smoking for example. 

Hemp Seeds:   By considering the total effect of Omega 3 on the body’s biochemistry including its beneficial actions on the integrity of cell membranes, nerve functioning and its anti-inflammatory action, it is clear that Omega 3 fats can prevent and even reverse hair loss.