Foods & supplements to increase lung functio

Everyone knows smokers are at a much higher risk of getting cancer, various forms of lung disease and emphysema, which is usually why most people quit.
As with all things addictive, most often mere death and the end of this mortal experience isn’t enough of a deterrent for us to quit.  For whatever reason we cannot put the gaspers down.  For some people, cigarettes are extremely addictive and it’s not surprising because cigarettes are manufactured to target the nicotinic receptors we have in our brain, we actually have what is called nicotinic receptors. Big business has yet again made an outstanding product out of our human ability to be addict, targeting human neurological stimulus that kills us- that’s all! Thanks guys- hope with all the pharmaceutical medication you are peddling, your holidays in the Bahamas are serving you well.    
An early death from smoking related illness is the probable outcome for a smoker.   
It is this stimulation of nicotinic receptors that makes it very difficult for some people to stop smoking.  If you’re one of those people that can’t put down the ciggies, then at least try to reduce your risks by eating a diet rich in foods that assist in protecting your lungs, helping to clear and expand your airways.
Be aware that these foods will not fully clear your lungs of all the toxins you inhale from cigarettes- the carcinogenic risks of smoking, those chemical cocktails are catastrophic to your health.  These foods will merely help rid your lungs of some toxins, assisting to at least reduce your risk for disease.
Beta-cryptoxanthin.  Spices containing this strong antioxidant will help protect the lungs.   Paprika, Cinnamon, Chilli powder Oregano.  This is why the use of a variety of spices in your salads and meals is not only a great way to totally transform your basic meals into something wonderful, but spices are exceptional healers.

Selenium.  Selenium is another powerful antioxidant which can be found in eggs, brazil nuts and various types of fish, such as: Tuna, Cod, Salmon.  Selenium has been scientifically proven to have cancer preventative properties and is one of the staple minerals I am mindful of getting into my diet every day.  Brazil nuts tuna and or salmon is how I do it.   Just 6-8 Brazil nuts is enough.

Garlic.  Garlic has several anticancer properties.  A study completed by the Washington University found that garlic is 100x stronger than the best pharmaceutical antibiotics on the market.  That is a Capitol SERIOUSLY to getting organic fresh self-crushed garlic into your diet as much as you can without devastating your social life- pretty pungent on the breath, but that pungency is a reflection of its outstanding health benefits.

Ginger.  Ginger is an extremely useful tool for clearing your body of toxins. You can drink it as a tea, or use it to add flavour to any of your meals.  Ginger is a fabulous part of any detox programme.

Oranges.  Oranges contain cryptoxanthin– an antioxidant which been found to be quite effective against lung cancer.

Nettle.  Nettle is a blood purifier, loaded with iron and is a useful disinfectant and great at fighting infection.

Pine needle tea.  This tea has been traditionally used to disinfect the mouth and throat, but can also be a helpful aid in lung health

N-Acetylcysteine.  NAC  is an amino acid that increases your body’s production of Glutathione.  Glutathione is a remarkable substance, which is known to decline with age a little known amino acid with big benefits to us in reducing the ageing effects of oxidative stress within the body.  Glutathione is often used for those with cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- where large amounts of phlegm build in the lungs, NAC is a robust treatment that is said to decrease deterioration of lung function, reduce phlegm and cough, thinning mucous to ease expectoration.
Mullein–  often used as a tea, the flowers and leaves of this Mediterranean native can help to relieve dry bronchial coughs and help alleviate chest congestion.
Vitamin C.   Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means it can be used over and over by the body to reduce oxidation, that is- to capture free radicals.  Free radicals are tiny electrons that lose their partner to become “free” radicals that bounce around causing oxidative stress in the body, damaging the body on a cellular level.  Anti-oxidants stop this free radical damage by lending their electrons to the poor old free radicals that are out there on their own causing damage, so they are paired again and are no longer free radicals.
Baobab fruit powder   is one of the best food sources in the world of Vitamin C.  A 100grams serving of baobab fruit pulp has been reported to contain 500 milligrams of Vitamin C- that is 10 times the amount of vitamin C found in the equivalent amount of oranges.     Here in Australia you can buy Baobab powder.
A personal favourite smoothie of mine consists of Baobab powder, the juice of one lime, one orange and a couple of:
Camu Camu.    Camu Camu berries are also an excellent source of Vitamin C –  Dr James Duke who has a website showing research on all different types of botanicals and herbs, says this Amazonian berry is the number one source of Vitamin C in the world. 
Mushrooms-   Specifically Cordyceps and reishi mushrooms provide optimal respiratory efficiency and protect against chronic lung disease.     Zhu ling Mushrooms have been shown in research to stimulate the bodys immune response to protect against lung cancer.