Energising breakfast in 10 minutes flat!

After many years of having my breakfast lunches and dinners sight inspected daily by many, “what’s that Kyle’s”   ” whatcha got there Kyles”, and the timeless classic-  “that looks interesting Kyles” -AKA What the hell is that Kyle’s?! I have come to the sound conclusion that I may not eat a diet that most of you would consider the norm. From an approving bug eyed salivation to a not so keen scrunch of the nose!  I’ve heard it all.

Personally – I don’t think my food choices are all that out there with the cosmos at all. Yes, they are often raw (raw is not as raw as most people think) and my word they are always a simple knock up – creating most of my colorful creations in under ten minutes.  For average Aussie Joe who gets their Nutritional information and health advice from the  “Box” I can’t be surprised when people react the way they do to viewing my foods that you generally dont find in a “super” market!

Always on the go, I’ve learnt over the years what foods I need to have in my fridge and cupboards, so that on most occasions when I am in and out the door, I have all the ingredients that will contribute to a nutritionally proportionate meal – and for someone high energy like myself, a meal that will keep me energized and alert until I get to eat again…mmmm eat again 🙂 is what im after.  Top of my priority list – time.

Time is my personal priority – there is just too much to do in life – live it like its your last – and tell people you love them… (but that’s another story)

I really enjoy cooking – but right now, where I’m at in life, spending those hours required, enjoying the process of cooking and creating something to drool for is just not possible for me – so I literally throw, pour, crack, slice, rip and shred portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and various proteins required into a blender, pan or juicer to get the balance of protein fats anti-oxidants and carefully selected carbohydrate sources I need.  Ok – its not always a visual delight of aesthetic gourmet appeal –  but it’s not about having the food look good – and hey, don’t get me wrong, most of the time it looks amazing, it’s about having the body AND brain fueled, cells energized and ultimately living longer. I’m a Centaurian- well I hope to be!

Not liking a whole lot of anything and loving a little bit of everything is the way I like to live.
Finding your balance in this life is what its all about, on all levels – Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, professional, personal, I time, we time, high energy and relaxation time!

I want it all – and need it all – doesn’t everybody?

I currently enjoy a 70/30 Raw to Cooked daily ratio of food- although in saying that, after attending recent seminars at UNSW on Nutrition and Raw Foods, where I was left inspired beyond measure I will be delving a little further into the wondrous world of Raw Foods – define raw!

I support parts of the theories behind not just raw foods – but various movements in food – including the Paleo theory, the importance of organic foods, sprouting grains, vegetarianism, fermenting your own foods and beverages, raw juicing, obtaining enough Vitamin D and Sea Salt – both on your plate and a dunk in the ocean. And of course – the wowsers of humanity GMO FOODS…. SAY NO TO MONSANTO AND GMO if you like eating REAL food!

Here’s what i had this morning.

I prefer to use a Froothie blender – however this smoothie can be done in your regular blender.
I pretty much just use whatever is in my fridge – it’s always stocked (well, not always – sometimes it draws an echo, but most of the time its stocked with loads of organic fruits, veggies, herbs and leaf all with various curls, straps and colour! Yum! If my fridge is full – all is well in the world!

In your blender – throw  (amounts are variable to taste)

  • 4 kale leaves
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 3/4 cup of fresh pineapple – Of course we never use canned fruit!
  • 1-2 Oranges
  • 1 x small banana- After a recent trip up to Macksville with Dr Cabot i have some sweet organic lady fingers we picked up from a road side seller.
  • 1/2 small Avocado
  • 1 inch of fresh Ginger

Aaaand blend! No water required- the citrus juice will give it enough liquid to be able to drink easily.