Do you know how much sugar is in your favourite sauce?

5 or 6 Tablespoons of sauce per stir fry for example, equates to about 100grams of sauce.  Most people add much more than 5 Tablespoons (100grams), using a half up to a full jar depending on the sauce.

Per 100grams, you will find the following amounts of sugar in these commonly used and loved sauces- perhaps for their addictive sugary quality’s.

Per 100grams-
  • Hoisin 27 grams
  • Sweet chilli sauce 46 grams
  • Heinz Tomato Sauce 24grams
  • Relish 26 grams
  • Kraft spicy honey 35grams
  • BBQ  33grams of sugar
Soy Sauce isn’t as bad- with a mere half a gram of sugar per 100grams- however Soy sauce (like a lot of sauces) is full of gluten, autoimmune disease provoking, inflammatory producing gluten. 
Tasty alternative- Herbs!
Herbs are just like any other leafy vegetable, packed full of their own unique vitamins and minerals with their individual antioxidants and plant phytochemicals. 

When assisting people with a new way of eating- a sugar and preservative free lifestyle, one hurdle can be how to get flavour and variety into meals now that preservative and sugar filled supermarket bought sauces are off the shopping list.   Herbs and spices! 

Herbs and spices are underutilized by most, with many people opting for sauces due to the “instant” flavour, however that instant flavour is thanks to the addition of many grams of sugar.  Another aspect to sauce is the thickening agent most often which is used – gluten.  Gluten is an insidious allergy forming protein found in many packaged products.