Boost your mood!

Feeling a little blue?  Let’s not be too hasty to slap a label on it and called you depressed.  Most often it’s just life, the ups and downs of life that are the very reason you are hear experiencing life- to learn how to balance yourself throughout the lows and the highs.  Most often we just need to ride it out- sit with the feeling, be mindful of the reasons you are feeling the way you are, and really feel into what it is that is making you feel a little less than your fabulous self.   Low moods are for most of us only a temporary thing- whether it be cyclical around your period, or perhaps something has disappointed you, remember everything is ok- everything is going to be ok, the universe does support us.  The ups and down of life are what life itself is all about, so remember to be compassion to yourself, this is not a race to the end.   This experience of life is a solo journey, your journey to your own inner happiness, there is no competition, only with yourself.  Developing love & understanding for others.

Expression of your soul is your only competition

What will help?

  • Regular exercise, holy badoly- I can’t express it enough, move.that.butt!   For instant benefits in alleviating a low mood, there is no better method than regular aerobic exercise.  Yes, even just a casual walk out in the sun will help, however I’m thinking more along the lines of a good sweat raising pump of blood every day- yes, every day.  Our bodies were made to move all day every day- so move it every day.  If you are in a lowered mood state, it is when you brain needs to kick in, you need to remember how good you feel once you get up, just get up- put whatever makes you feel comfortable on- if that be a track suit that is 5 sizes too big for you and a big hood with sunglasses, then so be it, nothing wrong with that- just get out and move your body.    Give yourself your best chance.
  • Are you already taking medication?  In most cases, pharmaceutical medication is not the answer.  There are many natural herbs that get astounding results, and in some cases better results than a medication.   

    Be sure you are not taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications that may contribute to depression.  Do need to be taking whatever it is you are taking or are you just into a habit of taking it? Have you looked for a second opinion or another option besides that medication?  

    In regards to specific anti-depressant meds- Do you actually have a diagnosed chemical imbalance in your neurological system?  Then if that is the case- perhaps medication is required.   Often people go through an extremely hard time in their personal life, perhaps the end of a relationship, loss of a job, death of a spouse loved one or pet, and can put on medication as a temporary way to ease the emotional pain.   You need to remember that relying on drugs long-term for these reasons is not the way forward for you.   There are other options.

    Remember- a doctor’s way to “heal” you, their method is with drugs.   When you go to most doctors, you have already decided to use pharmaceutical drugs as your way out of this situation- is that really what you need? 

    In most cases a lowered mood is a transient circumstance that depresses us, not a true chemical imbalance, consider going to a Nutritionist or Naturopath first. 
  • Cut out caffeine. Addiction to coffee and other forms of caffeine- such as those in energy drinks can interfere with normal moods, causing mood swings, anxiety and a general inability to handle stress as well as we could without the caffeine hits-  these swings aggravate depression.  

    Try a “brothy”

    Get into a new habit. If you have a morning coffee habit.Try having a homemade bone broth instead.Bone broth will heal a leaky gut and is one of the most nutritive foods you can utilize in your diet. I love having my morning brothy!
  • Amino Acids- on comparison to Vitamins and Minerals, these amazing little peptides within our body are not given the praise they deserve.  Regular supplementation with naturally occurring amino acids- individually prescribed by your Nutritionist or Naturopath can be life changing.
  • Have you ever tried Reflexology?  WOW-do give it a go.  This modality has proven itself to be very useful in treating several mood disorders, including depression.  Working with the energetic systems of the body, this exceptionally relaxing treatment clears energy channels that may be holding onto negative emotion that can- if not addressed, lead to physical imbalance.
  • Acupuncture- have you tried that?  Again, another energetic modality that clears energetic channels within the body.   We hold on to so much stress and tension within our physical body, this physical manifestation of our thoughts and feelings can build in your body, with most people not even aware that a reoccurring painful shoulder, back or part of the body can be due to stress and the mind- not physical injury.   Energetic modalities such as Acupuncture and reflexology help to clear energy from your body.

  • This is the method that can trump all methods.  After many years of suggestion from my more ‘enlightened’ friends   I started to regularly meditate and my goodness- the sense of connectedness and stillness of mind mediation brings is truly astonishing.  This eastern tradition requires long-term commitment- and does not produce immediate results, however just a few minutes each day is all that is need to begin. 

    Meditation can absolutely get to the root of depression.  Once you are aware of your higher self, that you are being looked after, everything will be ok, and that the experience you are having right now is perfect, perfect for your growth, no matter how painful or happy your now may be- everything is perfect. 
  • B Vitamins!  Of course, what Nutritionist could write a list of techniques to aid your blues without addressing the B Vitamins.   Are you getting enough, consuming lots of leafy green vegetables.   A bowl of leafy greens every day is ideal. 

    And most importantly- are you metabolising your B Vitamins efficiently?  An inability to methylate is very common. 

    MTHFR is an enzyme we all have.  However, mutations of this gene are surprisingly very common.  A mutation means you will not metabolise the B Vitamins you are eating- so no matter how much B Vitamins you are consuming; you will not get the benefits because your body lacks the MTHFR enzymes to metabolize efficiently, and to what level is something that can found by having a simple test.  The inability to metabolise Folate can be 20-70%.  So there are people out there that are not metabolising 70% of their B Vitamins and don’t even know it.    This can lead to depression, elevation in your homocysteine and myriad of other health disaster.    A Nutritionist or Naturopath can organize the test for you if you think you may have an MTHFR mutation.
  • Omega 3 containing fats- Essential.  So essential.  It is very important to always go for high quality fish oil- Liquid is my preference.  Cheaper brands are usually so low in the Omega 3 fats of DHA and EPH that they amount can be negligible.  Be sure if there is one thing you get from a practitioner; it is a liquid fish oil.

If you are suffering from any sort of mood or emotion that gets you down, there can be a number of contributing factors, and in most cases can be addressed naturally.  Majority of the time, the right guidance and recommendations from your natural health care professional can be all you need to change your mind set. 
Have a happy day!