Bee Pollen- Natures most perfect food

If you are after ways to increase your energy, then you need to be mindful of how you fuel your body on a day to day basis.  Taking responsibility for your health.   No one is 100% with their diet & lifestyle all the time, in fact it’s quite fun to swan dive off the wagon sometimes don’t you think!   As long as you know how to fuel your body whilst living your day to day routine, you are giving yourself the best chance at longevity.  Those fun weekends away with friends or indulgent dinners for two are a part of a well-balanced human being.  Be sure to keep your self-talk positive and don’t judge yourself for loosening up on your regular health routine when you do. 

Life is cyclical and so are you, there are periods of more eating, less eating, more exercise, less exercise, more meditation, less meditation- the list goes on.   As long as you are mindful to nourish your body well in your daily life, enabling it the time and nutrients it needs to regenerate and strengthening your immune system for your cyclical periods of celebration.    

There are many foods that have well known effects on longevity and enhanced mitochondrial function-  bee pollen is one of them.   Little research has been done on bee pollen- disappointingly, this is largely due to the fact there is little financial reward to justify such an investment, however the research that does exist is impressive.

Everyone knows honey, honey is created by bees by mixing the nectar they have collected with the enzymes in the bee’s saliva.  The honey is then deposited onto the walls of the hive as a source of food for the bees.  A lot of work goes into making honey- in fact each bee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its life time. 

Bee’s work very hard and the disastrous effects genetically modified foods (GMOS’s) are having on the bee population is a true environmental crisis happening right now.  I urge you all to be aware not to purchase any foods that have been genetically modified.  GMO foods are a whole article unto themselves- disastrous to the human species.
Bee Pollen is very different to honey- Bee Pollen is often referred to as “Natures most perfect food” it is a compete protein- in that it contains all 8 essential amino acids.
Something else to consider in your quest to become super gran- or pop, is alkalinity.  It is known that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, so you want to be sure you are eating and drinking as many alkaline foods as you can.  Bee Pollen is an alkaline food with high- super high antioxidant levels that also help to increase longevity by neutralizing free radicals.

Also a potent aphrodisiac – enough said, what’s not to love about Bee Pollen!

Bee Pollen has an extensive list of benefits including fertility improving properties.  Bee pollen has been shown to produce significant improvement in menopausal symptoms such as headache, urinary incontinence – even dry vagina and decreasing vitality- all this documented from double blind studies.  This estrogenic effect Bee Pollen has is an important consideration for women who cannot take the regular hormonal treatment given or any estrogen of any kind.

Bee Pollen isn’t just all about the ladies- Pollen can reduce prostate problems as it rejuvenates sexual organs due to its content of seminal substances- caution must be taken as Bee Pollen can slightly increase blood pressure, however it may also increase sexual strength- i can see it flying off the shelves now.  

Not only strengthening sexual virility, bee pollen is a known Superfood for its ability to increase endurance, energy and speed, it provides a quicker recovery from exercise, returns heart rate to normal at improved speeds and improves endurance- excellent for all you athletes out there!   In fact, the British sports council recorded increases in strength by as high as 40-50% in those taking Bee Pollen.   Get it into your smoothie!

Histamine is a necessary and protective chemical released by the body in reaction to an injury or allergic response, but if your Histamine levels are elevated long term, this can become a problem- Bee Pollen aids to reduce histamine levels within the body.

Nutritionally, Bee pollen contains an extraordinary amount of B Vitamins- except B12 which will help with stress.

Vitamin C, D and E, essential fatty acids and beta carotene.  Getting back to one of the first points of this article- Bee Pollen is approximately 40% protein.  Gram for gram, pollen contains an estimated five to seven times more protein than meat eggs or cheese- give the animal flesh a break and get some more vegetarian sourced proteins into your diet!  

Given the large amount of enzymes Bee Pollen contains- all of which aid in the digestion, it has been shown that Bee Pollen, taken at just 130milligrams daily can help assist in the digestion of foods- experiments show that those who take Bee Pollen decrease their daily intake of food by 15-20% – reduces appetite!  Is there anything this perfect food doesn’t do for us.  

We need to make ourselves aware of the negative impact our choices can make on our environment, and at least be aware to say no to GMO!  Genetically Modified foods are disastrous to the bee population and therefore mankind.   The declining bee population is a great threat to humanity.

Bee Pollen can be mixed with honey and or royal jelly, consumed by itself as a snack, sprinkled onto your morning Paleo cereal, mixed into your seed and nut mix, added to salad dressings or blended into smoothies, elixirs and desserts.

Serves two:

Buzz Berry Blast

1 cup nut milk (You may need more- this depends on personal preference)
1/2 cup blueberries (always organic with berries- buying frozen makes berries affordable)
½ a frozen banana
1 hunk of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
1 tsp. bee pollen (to start, work up to 1 Tbsp.)

Into the blender and you are done!