Oh so Keto and oh so good.
– for two

I have taken to not particular going by measurements with my cooking.  I was finding that following other people’s recipes never turned our very well until I just used the ingredients and ‘free styled” with what I thought was the right amount of ingredients.  Leading to much greater success after many not so tasty fails in the kitchen.
Luckily for my partner I enjoy cooking – you wont find me on Master-chef,  but I love our creative kitchen time together- always cooking together.

With that said, i am going to guide you with estimates on the amounts of ingredient, but really- its up to your taste buds along the way as to how much of anything you use. Look at the red flesh of that fish- Brain food! SO nutrient dense.


  • Mackerel will obviously come in different sizes, to feed two people in my experience, you may need just 1 large blue mackerel, or 3 small. At the end of the day, you want about 150 -200 grams of the flesh each.  Let the staff know what you need, they should be able to guide you how many mackerel are required to be filleted for you to end up with 150- 200grams each. 
  •  2 Limes 
  • Almond Slivers – about ¾ cup
  •  Olive Oil 
  • Himalayan Salt 
  • Dry white wine about ¾ of a cup  
  • 100 grams Organic butter
  • You are having a buttery white wine sauce over your Mackerel. Organic butter is essential.
  •  Garlic – crushed. I used 4 medium sized cloves, but then again, I can never have too much garlic in my food! 
  • Olives –sliced.  I used black & green

What are you going to have on the side with your mackerel?   
Its winter, mashed sweet potato and grated mashed fresh turmeric taste amazing.
We kept it keto this time, going for good old broccoli drenched in the buttery almond sauce.

Place your mackerel fillets into your baking dish
Drizzle with olive oil and squeeze lime juice over the fillets.
Your Mackerel fillets will be done in 7-10mins baked at about 180- so put your fillets in and get your sauce happening pronto.

In a non-stick pan, place your almond slivers in and dry fry until golden brown- or in our kitchen, until they smell good.
I reduced the heat to add ½ a cup of dry white wine- very approximate measure.  Slowly add chunks of butter, constantly stirring butter around and around your pan until you have added approx 100 grams of butter.
Keep temperature low, add crushed garlic and olives slices.  Constantly stir ingredients 
Dont forget to start steaming your broccoli at some point.   Minimal steaming to keep broccoli bright green and crunchie.
About now- your mackerel is looking pretty dam good, the pink flesh has turned white and is ready to serve.

Place your mackerel on a plate, cover with your almond olive butter, add your choice of vegetables.  The only thing left to do is sit down and be impressed with yourself at the meal you have created. ​

Almond Baked Butter Mackerel- Nutritionist on the Gold Coast QLD